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My Story by Kathy Gold

The Jews and Hollywood

After my induced meltdown my step father asked me why did you get married, was it because Jeff was a Jew, for a name, you know so you could work in Hollywood? I was like huh lol No, I married him cause I loved him. Then he went on to tell me how the Jews run hollywood.

I was like ok, unbeknownst to him, The Jews didn't run hollywood lol.It was the year 1998. Why he thinks the Jews run hollywood, is beyond me lol. My step father is anti-semitic just like David Miscavige.

Hollywood works on dollars and cents, they don't give a shit what color you are, what you look like etc etc as long as your movie makes money lol you can be a drug dealer, an arms runner, they don't care as long as it's top box meaning top at the box office and rentals, meaning sell tickets.

Here's a break down of how this industry works lol A movie makes $10 million dollars at the box office, theaters. Half of that, goes to the theaters, the studio is left with $5 million dollars. You are thinking great, no, it cost 6 million to make it. You are $1 million and more in the hole, not profitable, it also cost you 1 million if not more to market and promote that movie. In the year 2012, it usually costs at least $25 million to promote and market a movie. I highly suggest Dov Simons's 2 day film school, he'll give you the break down.

Btw it's 2012, not 1940 lol big difference lol. If you are stuck in that time period of hollywood history, then you are out of present time lol.

Margo from Suzuki told me, they ended up making a movie too lol she said after that nightmare, they would never ever do it again. They lost money on it, not worth the hassle and problems.

In the year 2012, Hollywood decides, that movie executive decides whether to fund the making of that movie. Whether that executive is discriminatory or not, you'll have to find out. Each executive is different. Feel free to shop your shit around town lol. The Gotti's got their own funding. Their own investors, Dov Simons's 2 day film school is a great film school, he gives you the nitty gritty.

It was also quite funny, 1st day, the whole place was packed, the 2nd day, half of the people blew, never showed up lol. I guess they just assumed by going, they would meet someone that would give them a movie deal lol That's not how it works lol. Just cause you're a Jew doesn't mean you're gonna get a movie deal lol

My step father has Antisemitism, he needs a cure, Bio Psych Drugs, are the best for him, lol he has health insurance, a doctor can prescribe the right one based on blood tests and his dna. lol.

Updated September 16, 2012

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