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My Story by Kathy Gold

The Jewish Federation

For you nazi's, we jews don't have to worry lol The children that were all killed in WW2, they left, a long time ago, they've already set up the Jewish Federation. I'll always have a home to go to c/o of them.

You're all fucked lol. Think of it as God's plan and what a great plan it is huh, you all had 1 shot with Scientology to get it right, take responsibility and accountability for your overts against the jews, you're hatred, jealousy for no reason, other than money. Jews don't value money, you do. Jews value life, pro creation, and most of all, love. Jews believe in past lives and that we have a soul.

Truth Revealed lol Deal with it. Assholes, you're all fucked.

That's all we Jews are really trying to do, to be re-united with our soulmates. It's a very spiritual thing, one you will never experience or know.

You know there's a superstition, an old one, when a jew goes down to the darkside to find her soulmate, shit is gonna hit the fan and it did, the crash of 2008 lol I love embracing my darkside. It's who I am. I'm not gonna change.

If I could wipe all the nazi's off the face of earth today, I would, I wouldn't even hesitate, but unfortunately that is not my call, that's God's. So this life, I will watch as he does his thing lol. And laugh my ass off all the way to target 3, to the Jewish Federation lol They are the golden army lol

Updated March 2, 2013

Just cause you are a Jew by DNA or converted does not mean it's an automatic in on target 3.

I ran into another Jew who told me, technically I wasn't a Jew. My mother's father was a Jew married to a non Jew with blonde hair, blue eyes. My grandfather survived the concentration camps only to be killed by communists. She kept him alive during WW2 while he was in the concentration camps. She flirted with the Nazi officers, and because she had blond hair and blue eyes, they allowed her to bring him food, water, clothes, the basics. The other jews in the concentration camps were jealous and betrayed him. They sold him out to the communists after they got out of the camps. My mother was born out of their love for each other. His sister, my great aunt, survived, she still has her tats.

If you want to be technical, I'm 1/4 jew by DNA. As for the torah and kabbalah, that's about past lives. Upper levels.

Paulette Cooper played the chase with LRH, his wife went after her. It was wrong on Paulette's end. Doing the chase with a married man. Out 2d on her part, he had her investigated, wanted to see if she was fucking her shrink LMAO Paulette Cooper was born in a concentration camp, she is or isn't a past life nazi, I have no idea but I do know that she attacked him as the author of this book and she assumes, the countess krak character was about her LMAO you have to admit she was hot in her day LMAO

But she's not an artist, she wrote a few books about animals and her experience with Scientology LMAO

LRH on the ship, was looking for who was picking up what body etc etc, he was also looking for Hitler's kids by DNA. Oh you didn't know, The Getty, one of his whores, gave up his child in England, for adoption LMAO. If this is a game you want to play, I suggest you start with The Getty Archives, trace it back, to all the women he fucked LMAO

You liberal Jews believe that those childen have a right to life. Really, tell that to your children when the laws on the books change here and they take away your businesses, your livelihoods etc etc.
Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide, what will you do? LMAO Weak assholes. You're not good enough to call yourselves Jews.

This is a reality, Fatherland, they never made a Hollywood Movie, only TV. LMAO

The Nazi Party came into power in 2008. On US soil. And the KKK came out in Hungary

And if you assume, 1 man as president will save you, you're an idiot.

Rahm, if you can help it, please don't run, cross the wall of fire and get to target 3.

These people will blame and pin their shit on you. Do you want to be their savior? My older brother from OT3.

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