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The Gay Federation

Me and Jett also grew up in the gay federation, our ideal middle class heaven. No pedafilia, ever. My two dads. Both on the police force, my dad was chief of police and mom wasn't.

We met when we were young, John Barrowman's 2d in present time, my brother from that life. I went fishing with dad and he stayed home with mom. We knew Jett, he lived in the neighborhood. My mom was a great mom, when I got my period, he flipped out and took me to the doctor, to make sure I was ok.

I was showered with so much love and attention, it was so overwelming, I loved it. I always felt safe with my family. I always felt safe in the gay federation. I wasn't gay. Just my family was. My dad's didn't care, they loved me anyway. Never tried to turn me, they loved and accepted me for who I was, hetro and all.

Me and Jett that life were treasure hunters , since we weren't gay, we couldn't live in the gay federation, everybody wanted to move there, for obvious reason, perfect typical middle class heaven with no pedafilia, no crime, no weird shit, nothing, total beaver cleaver ok. The ideal environment for any child to grow up in.

Anyway, as my folks got older, me and Jett got visa's to live there temporarily while we took care of my folks, me and my brother did it in shifts. And John and my brother were a 2d then too.

I had the best dads ever. Best life ever, I love the gay federation and they love me.

Updated July 28, 2013

and my gays, my good gays, you'll have to put the gay federation here in the US, you need to help these kids ok

Updated October 13, 2013

The book science of survival, is based on the emotional tone scale. From a clinical viewpoint. This book was intended for use in auditing only, for auditors, so they could spot the tone levels while auditing the past lives. Meaning more then one. It goes really quick and you have to go up and down the tone scale, the auditor has to spot where the PC is on the tone scale during the auditing session. If you are a gay auditor, you'll really get it. It can go A-Z, really really quick and the auditor has to be just as quick.

1.1 covert hostility, gay people fall into this band too. I think people have misunderstoods. The only reason they fall into this band is because they are having sex with people of the same sex. That's it.

This book was part of his research, he always said, being gay was a civil rights issue. We had gay kids, as well as gay family members in our past lives and gay colleagues, friends, who had our backs, no matter what. See psych ops days.

His own son in present time was gay, Quentin from what I've read and I know his heart broke the day he died. His fav auditor was his son, Quentin. He had the best auditing sessions with his son as his auditor.

You can not cookie cut past lives nor gay people. As for Mary Sue Hubbard, Marty Rathbun spilled the beans on his blog, LRH was gonna take her into the Department of Justice for the Snow White Project, he had no idea they did this. She wouldn't spill the beans. He had no evidence. So he opted for a divorce in his 70's, she refused to give him one. She wanted to keep his money. She never loved him and married him for money. She never crossed the wall of fire and was a criminal. Even in his 70's, he ended cycle on her. As for becoming a recluse, he split to go finish his research, the rest of the upper OT levels. Not that big of a deal. There are alot of gay scientologists, but they are not gonna come forward, why blow their cover to get fucked and ostracized for wanting to obtain cause over their exteriorization?

And there were gay implanters too. Highest ethical and moral standards.

I'm not here to defend a dead man, or to clear his name for whatever past bullshit he did ok. I'm not him so don't pin his transgressions on me cause I'm a scientologist. I'm not accountable nor responsible for his actions. I'm me.

But I do know one thing, he might have been a bad boy, but he was a real good man. And I'll see him next life. I love bad boys who are real good men LMAO

Updated November 20, 2013

My 2 dads from that life are both here in present time and I've spotted both of them. They are both masculine men. Both in law enforcement. While crossing the wall of fire, I grounded myself in my dad this life, who was also a masculine man. All the people that came up are not 1.1 on the tone scale, otherwise I would have died. Gay or straight, just masculine and have high ethical and moral standards. All good men.

When I saw Brokeback Mountain, I cried, I didn't know why I felt a connection to certain scenes in the movie, not to both of those people, not on screen or the actors but certain scenes in the movie, connected with my memories from my past lives. It wasn't until I was crossing the wall of fire that I cognited why and my lives. This life, all I wanted was beaver cleaver and I couldn't understand why I didn't have that. It's hard to explain, but it was my past life. One of the best lives ever. And I had kids that life. Me and Jett's SOP we retire and co-parent. My dads were grandparents.

There's another celeb I've been watching from a distance, reading her blog through out the years and has a big a mouth. She's friends with Tom Cruise ok and started taking psych drugs after columbine. I felt bad for her because she started taking psych drugs, I couldn't understand why? She's a very strong person. I realized she was my aunt from that life, one of my dad's sisters by DNA. She was also on the police force too. I won't ever meet her this life, I just admire her from a distance.

The bond I had with my 2 dads is a strong one, they were also psych ops crew. When I was running out my many lives with psych ops, they both popped up. They were paired up together. In one life, Jett got taken out of the game and I was extremely upset. So I went to a BBQ for our crew and I just cried and cried, I wouldn't stop crying and I wore them both down, with my tears, they couldn't stand it anymore and caved to my needs. They helped track down who took Jett out of the game, and then I got taken out of the game. They loved me enough to help me and understood that Jett was my soulmate and without him there was no middle class heaven for me. We retired but he died. While everybody was happy at the BBQ with their soulmates, I was alone without mine. Nothing for me to retire for. Nothing to live for but eveyrthing to die for. We were all trained and hatted. So I got taken out of the game and went back to psych ops, got insync with Jett. I was happy.

I don't know where they both were OT3. It was a big universe with 300 billion people. But I know one thing, they'll probably both be helping to set up the Gay Federation on target 3. Both are good men. I'll see them next life.

Updated November 21, 2013

They didn't take me out of the game, they helped me find out who took Jett out of the game or whom, all the people connected to it, we wiped them all out. Then after it was done, I found some asshole to take me out of the game. I said my goodbyes before that to both of them. Hugs and kisses. They knew the deal and loved me enough to let me go. They knew I would see both of them again. And I did. Death is not the end, it's only the beginning.

What pisses off the Gay Federation more then anything is the flip flop, you're either gay or you're not. If you are gay then walk that walk, stand proud of who you are and be loud, free speech.

If you're bi, go both ways, then you can't live in the gay federation, they won't allow drama rama, enturbulation on their lines and homes. It's hard enough to enforce all the laws and raise your family ok.

They are very very strict, alot of people try and have tried to infiltrate the Gay Federation and unmock what was put there. This is a place of freedom and acceptance for gay people, people who love and are in love with members of the same sex.

If you're bi then you go both ways and they already know this mechanism. Their laws are black and white, easy to understand, no grey area. The grey area allows pedafiles to sneak in under their radar and that's a risk they are not willing to take. They won't have their whole federation go down in flames due to the wishy washy feelings of a few people in confusion or lower conditions, who am I?. Don't like it, go set up your own federation, called bi land. ok

You can't live there, own property there, have your own business etc etc. Again, don't like it, go set up your own federation, it's a free galaxy ok.

And of course there is no drugs, no drug dealers, etc etc, again no crime. The streets are so clean, you can eat off them and we like it that way. Littering is a crime. Btw I always wondered about that, I could never litter, I always had to pull over and throw it away in a trash can. I just felt it was wrong and I couldn't understand why other people would litter, throw shit out their windows on the street or the freeway, so nonchalantly, and nobody pulled them over and gave them a ticket, nobody caught them in that act and enforced the law. My car might be a mess but I don't litter.

My confession, when I was reading the science of survival, that tone level, 1.1. I was worried, my first thoughts, what if my kids are gay, how will they go up a bridge and obtain cause over their exteriorization? Total spiritual freedom. My inner conflict, that's now resolved. I crossed the wall of fire and figured it out. See psych ops files.

All Sex Offenders will be immediately kicked out, deported or ejected into outer space. It's the law. Don't like it, go somewhere else. If you come near here, you'll automatically be shipped to the nearest implant station for treatment. We won't allow criminals to fuck up our children, bottomline. Our way or the highway.

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