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My Story by Kathy Gold

The First Thing I Looked For

After I started crossing the wall of fire, it was wild, I finally got pissed off and said fuck it and let my case rip, in Aug/Sept 1998, this Church opened up my case, that was a no no, wrong move on their part, see this for an explanation.

Anyway, I had no choice, so I just sat in my chair and did OT TR0 eyes open and watched a movie, basically LMAO it was kinda fun.

It's really a wild ride, better then Mr. Toads. I handled my communist implants, I was very young when we came to this country. We left a communist country.

So, it got really hot here and I was sweating like no tomorrow, kinda like being in a purif. Also where I live, it's got weird accoustics, I can hear sound from miles away, it's wild. Ok, so when things got really hairy, I went outside and the first thing I looked for was cameras, I start spotting cameras. I was like wow, it's instinctual for me, like even when I went to the market, I'm standing in line, looking around, counting cameras, how many there are in the place.

I could get in and out of any star system under the radar within 24-48 hours. Job done. The trick, cameras LMAO and timing of course. For analogy think Aeon Flux and Jett was the one who tapped into those cameras, watching me, having my back. We were married. We were also both cops. I'd get bored, sometimes, so I'd play the aberrated 2d game on company time LMAO He'd get so pissed, "Where is she!" "Pull it up, now!" He'd have to find me LMAO I'd hide from the cameras or hee hee. He'd get so pissed but when I got home, man, did we make so much love. He was incredible. I'd get him going at work LMAO so by the time I walked in, he was ready to go. Can you say passion, I can. Both O's

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