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The Ethics Book

Notice anything similiar to all three? A judge. Why is that? Is it about going to court?

No, it's about target 2, there, there won't be court, no jail. You will be judged, sentenced and executed kinda like this movie but less glamorous.

It's more cost effective and shorter to collapse the hat's worn into one, the cops will do it all LMAO

Nowhere to run, no where to hide, you'll be born into it, barcoded eyeballs LMAO it's in the bible.

Like I said, I come from a long line of implanters, cops LMAO

Target 2, dog heaven. They'll be getting their release, killing crime.


Updated June 1, 2013

The policy when LRH was alive was to hire ex cops for the private investigations. To flow them power because they really contributed to makng this world a better place. The private eyes that David Miscavige's church uses are not all ex cops. Ex law enforcement in present time. Oh no, they hired security and criminals. It opens everybody up to blackmail, even the church, another check and balance. If the ex cops, ex law enforcement see wrong doing, in or out of the church, they let the police department know, jail, court, Press, mainstream. The police's motto "To Protect and Serve"

Updated July 22, 2013

Notice anything similiar in this pic?

After Jett dropped his bod in 1986, he split and swung by target 2, to get his release, I know he did, then went to target 3. I'm not going to target 2, I'm not losing my game, BSG, the Fleet on the ground floor and in the stars. If you want to go to target 2, go ahead, take your chances. Me, I'll do a sure bet. After all, the Commodore was my dad and will be again, on target 3, it's destiny.

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