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My Story by Kathy Gold

The Difference Between 1998 and 2008

I was in the same hospital, psych ward, Olive View in 1998 and 2008. The same room and around the same time, only 10 years apart.

The difference between the two was, I was sexually molested while unconscious, I was strapped down, only in a gown, with no underwear, nothing underneath the hospital gown, there were no nurses in the room. Just me and the old doctor with dark hair and a beard. I was also exterior to my body, I saw the whole thing. I remembered while crossing the wall of fire.

There are bits and pieces like being brought in by the police. I was first taken to a room fully clothed, finger printed by the police that night and then put the gown on for X-Rays. While sitting there waiting on a gurney/Xray chair table thing, I started hallucinating, it was wild ok. I saw snakes in the person's leg next to me, the next thing I know, I'm waking up in the psych ward, in the room the next morning. Going, how the fuck, did I get here. It goes in bits and pieces. You have to piece it together yourself, your memories, nobody elses.

The 2nd time, I was there, he wasn't. I have no idea his name or where he is. Why would you examine someone who's unconscious, they say examine but in reality it's sexual molestation of a patient in their care.

This time, I was fully awake. Nobody touched me. So while Miscavige and his crew were busy getting me out of there in 1998, and then blowing me off, another crime went un reported, so much for CCHR huh LMAO anyhoo, 1st time was because of them, 2nd time was my investigation to figure out what happened the 1st time,

Remember my own mother took money from them, to get me care etc etc, and her motive to bring me there the 2nd time, she saw how I was in 1998, in pain, crying, easier to control. My mother never loved me, her actions, she's got alot of evil purposes, she's just a user. Normal, rational people don't do this, to their own children. She can't wait till I'm dead, she assumes, nobody will ever know her transgressions in present time, ethics book, standard tech.

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