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My Story by Kathy Gold

The Countess Belle

In 2008 I took a journey to find my soulmate. My alias, the Countess Belle, the breakdown, Countess, who doesn't want to be royalty and Belle from my fav fairytale Beauty and The Beast, only I was the beast. I was 186 pounds, my inner conflict who will love me for me, my soul not my body.

I lost weight, I was on the hcg diet, I lost 60 pounds in 4 months. I went looking for Jett at Bar Sin. The first night I was there, I wore a costume, catholic school girl dominatrix with pig tails and a riding crop and of course platform black boots. Red and black not blue and black. Security colors. Kinda like this

That night, the two people I went with, met there from meetup, a nice couple, while dancing, she told me, Nikki Sixx is here, I just met him. I looked around, I didn't see him, I was like where? I never saw him, I never made eye contact with him, instead a guy by the name of Chris came over and asked for an intro from the guy I was standing next to on the dance floor. I was impressed, finally a man with balls, boy sparks flew that night, but he was playing the weird club game, not what my soulmate would have done. Nope he would have saw me, bee lined it over to me with no intro and that would have been it, off we would have gone, got married, end of story. Jett's really fast ok LMAO No comm lag.

So, the games I was playing was Cinderella and Beauty and the Beast, both. Beauty and the Beast flipped. Flipped=mob.

So, my soulmate Jett is not here, I'm done with the Countess Belle game. New game now.

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