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My Story by Kathy Gold

The City Of Los Angeles

You people still owe me money, for that trash fee, class action law suit, I sent the paperwork to the attorney a long time ago, like around my mercury shit.

It's still not paid and nor do I know how much it is. Boy, I could really use that money that's owed, where is that money, why hasn't the attorney sent me any money, the city paid that attorney. Did the attorney keep it and spend it on himself? It's been what, over a year or 2 now. Per my estimates it should have been around $1600.00 or something like that. This attorney lead to my death too, by not doing his job, I did what I was suppose to do, but he stole that money from this city and kept it for himself, he's a criminal. After I'm dead, lock him up and throw away the key for all eternity.

This society is criminal, no honest, sane, rational person can survive under these conditions. It's impossible. There is no checks and balances and too much suppression. Too many people doing the wrong thing and not the right thing for whatever reason.

At the end of the day, I died because not one of these people contributed to my survival. I'm able and was able to help, flow them power, make them money, but they all have their own shit going on, computing up a storm and spinning around instead of really putting their business there. So, they can have less able people work for them. The rest of us, who are able, we're outta here, you shall all inherit this earth, the way everybody left it, polluted, no water, smog, etc etc. This is the planet you will come back to if you don't go into this rock for 1 billion years, I have no idea how many people you fucked over to obtain your goals. But the fact that you can't send out a check is a huge outpoint, this attorney's hand is not broken.

Updated September 20, 2013

Case closed

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