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My Story by Kathy Gold

The Angel Card

When I was crossing the Wall of Fire, in my home, I could feel the burn, I felt like wings came out of me, in my back. I said out loud, how many times have I died here? It was a weird feeling, a wild experience. I could feel wings come out of my back ok, it was weird lol, but cool at the same time.

I knew I wasn't an angel. That would be wrong ok. I'm just a woman. It's a combination of different things. To sit here and say I'm an angel or was one would be arrogant and not ok. I don't have any wings on my back ok lol I think we all want to play that game, who doesn't want to be an arch angel? lol

In Scientology, we would say, that's a religious implant.

I did my homework when I created this graphic novel

Creating art helped me heal, but it wasn't until I went on my soulmate journey, to find him,
that I found the truth. He's not here, he left a long time ago, to be with any other guy, is an illusion. I just wanted him. It would be wrong to be with another guy and act like hes' my soulmate when he's not.

Not interested in getting laid or having sex or fake O's. Boring, yawn, been there, done that.

And then when I was out walking around going from business to busines, I would talk to some business owners and the ones that were lying to me, the ones that were 1.1. in covert hostility, they started turning into demons ok, it was weird, like my graphic novel ok lol. I was still crossing the wall of fire. So I just went into my character and grounded myself in my catholicism and my religion Scientology.

I saw Puff Daddy on TV, on a talk show, and he was wearing sunglasses, he was late to that talk show, he had 2 women with him. That day he was late and yelling at people lol They met him there for his promo. But I knew, that's why he was wearing sunglasses, he was seeing it too.

Most of the rappers are going through this. The drinking and out 2d keeps that going. They know what's going on, they see it, they're just no fools. They're not going into the looney bin ok, it's easier for them to drink lol and wait till it wears off.

If they tell anyone, be honest about it, off they go, for money, people will sell them out or blackmail them. If you tell a shrink they will just prescribe you drugs. It's not a cure. Remember, shrinks left past lives and the GE out of the equation. They will just say, he's hallucinating, take these meds, when in reality, it's past lives coming at them at once in slow motion due to the stress of life, out 2d and alcohol. The more they rage, anger, the more it will hit them.

Psych drugs aren't gonna handle that problem. Being clean and sober, way to happiness will solve that problem. And a good detox, purif with a good diet and a stable 2d, mutual trust and understanding. Otherwise, they'll go nuts and kill you.

My mother's computation back in 2008, when she wanted me to go to sleep in her house, was "I'm gonna kill you, in your sleep".

I couldn't sleep, I was spinning around, I just knew, not to go to sleep. I didn't know why, I didn't feel safe in her home, I didn't feel safe having her or my step father have access to me while I was sleeping.

So I kept getting up and she just kept yelling at me. I finally went back to the guest house. I didn't know what to do. I started getting scared. I didn't know where to go to be safe, alone, so I went into the closet.

She has both keys to the guest house, there are two doors. I felt like my step father was gonna come in while I was sleeping because the only thing that was on my bed was one pillow and I had two pillows. The pillow was centered in the middle of the bed. It was a tempurpedic bed that I bought myself. A full with wooden frames from Ikea very zen like. When I looked at the bed, I saw a bed with white sheets, 1 pillow and I immediately thought about Jesus Christ. And I was like oh my god, she was raped, that's how she got pregnant.

I didn't trust these two people. I took melatonin but that didn't solve the problem, it was expired. They never bothered to look at the expiration nor get new ones.

I've always lived sparingly. I guess the art term would be minimalist. That's who I am and I love who I am.

When I created Gabrielle The Fallen, behind the gated new homes in Sylmar, Moutain Glen Estates, on Mesa Verde Way behind me was a Church, for Nuns. I felt safe in that home. I knew I was protected. I could always go there, if I needed help. Hmmm, what are the odds?

My celibacy started there, the last relationship I had was when I was working at Mole Richardson. I also had the pleasure of meeting Laszlo Kovacs while he was still alive. Did you know he smuggled film out of Hungary and brought it all the way to the US, footage about the revolution? He did a great thing to show the world.

While crossing the wall of fire, I remembered what my father told me, when I was little, he told me the best way to die is, in your sleep. I thought about it. hmmmm how would I do that? Sleeping pills ok, then I would be unconscious, anaten, he didn't want me to be in pain. He loved me enough to hat me, when I was little. Suicide would be a sin, eyes open. I can always get some asshlole or whore to take me out of the game called life. Not gonna be a hooker lol. Loopholes lol. I know them all lol. I'm a woman.

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