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My Story by Kathy Gold

The Aberrated 2D Game

That's where you meet someone and they follow you online, they are chasing you.

I don't play that game. It's weird ok. I do the chase in a relationship or marriage. That way there is no confusion and he knows who he's chasing LMAO instead of another girl by accident or oops. And I know who I'm chasing, no confusion for me. Or, didn't I tell you, I'm in a 2d already, oops. Don't wanna feel stupid LMAO.That would make me feel insecure and hurt my feelings. I don't want my feeling hurt or feel insecure.

So, I only do it when I'm in a 2d.

He's chasing me and I chase him back. That's my kinda of fun, boring to some, not so boring to others.

It's aberrated or insane cause people give each other mixed messages, lot's of confusion, that creates, hurt, pain, jealousy, insecurity. It's mean and I'm not a mean person in general.

As something fun, if I met a guy and went into a monogamous non sexual relationship, we could play this game but, why? It's so much more fun to do it in the real world. Here figure out what I want? That's weird, I'd rather just have him ask me and I'll tell him, honestly, overtly and directly. Way easier. For some, that's boring, for me, it's fun. I love to talk, communication.

So that's who I am. This website has more then one purpose. As for more past life stuff, I'll just journal it. No more confirmation to anybody ever again. Everybody can figure out their own case for themselves.

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