What Scientology For You is About What Scientology For You is not about
My Story by Kathy Gold

The 2d Book

While crossing the wall of fire, I went through that whole book already, from memory, kinda like this I used that book too, his computations, Kirstie Alley's sublimation shit in her PR LMAO. The truth is, it boils down to a few things, honesty being one of them, not money.

This society is 1.1 it's on it's way out, GMO's, no more procreation for anybody. End game. Anyhoo, people can't survive without food, water and shelter, the basics, plus utilities, cable, internet, phone.

The nazi agenda is very similiar to the Rockefeller agenda, population control, but whereas the nazi's it was only jews, the aryan race etc etc, the Rockefeller's is everybody, mankind.

To audit, to read books, you need a body. No babies, no bodies will be created. It's basic procreation.


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