What Scientology For You is About What Scientology For You is not about
My Story by Kathy Gold

The Scientology Community As A Whole

Are pieces of shit. Based on my journeys. They are like everybody I've met. They don't care about mankind, just money, status and their PR.

I'm still a scientologist, I'm not part of that community lol. They are everywhere, they just lie or hide that fact, like Tom Cruise did to do his OT levels. Tom Cruise told David Miscavige, I'm being discriminated against in Hollywood because I'm a Scientologist. So, he could go up the bridge, they kept it under wraps, hush hush. But it's a violation of the ethics book and sec checks. You're hiding like a criminal.

But then you're easier to control, manipulate and use, for the greatest good, mankind.

For regular, common non celebrity scientologists, they have to tell other people they are scientologists or they won't get services, it's an out qual. So whose, playing who? lol

Per David Miscavige's computation, I'm sure he said, hmmmm Tom Cruise, free PR and Dissemination. It's an investment into our future. Long Term. And he's right, look at, mainstream, lol.

How can I go up the bridge if I have to zip it, then I'm playing covert ops to go up a bridge in a church, no case gain and major restimulation. I'm overt, direct, honest. Covert ops is 1.1. I'm not a spy now, that was in the past, pre earth. I'm in present time, It's not my problem or fault other people are out of present time.

We will be in a position of power lol Not religion. PR lol we don't give a fuck about PR.

Are your religious implants hitting you in the face? lol Oh well, not my problem lol. Btw David Miscavige is not the Pope of Scientology, he's just a guy that was in the right place at the right time. Jett heard his computation before he died lol Get it, he wanted to be top dog of this church lol. Jett laughed his ass off all the way to Target 3.

Oh no, I'm not an organization, nobody will want to trade links with me, oh well. I'm still not gonna flip and start bad mouthing my religion because of one guy called Tom Cruise. Or the actions of David Miscavige and the people that listen to him.

Other people's considerations in middle class heaven lol guess what, you are all being watched, all the governments of the world are hacking each other lol. They all know and you're not fooling anybody. And they're gonna go too. Nobody is gonna make them responsible for the decisions of other governments or other stupid people that came before them. They're not stupid. Some have already left.

Oh well, not my problem. Who will win, Iran or Isreal? Pick one lol I don't make those kinds of choices.

Btw, I'm not a housewife lol nope. I also had another choice in my journey, money or sex lol I picked money.

I'm a gambling woman, people can gamble on my death, it's a for sure thing and win lol. Get it, again I win. They lose, they got money. I still got my freedom lol Off this fuckin rock.

Jett would never gamble with mankind lol But I would, I'm the Commodore's daughter, I've got nothing to lose lol. ha ha I win. You all lose. I'm a selfish bitch, I don't give a fuck about saving mankind. Hell, let's en-tomb everybodies soul now, why wait lol. God won't mind. He's got a big ole sense of humor. He's tired too. And he's seen enough, of all the Religions. New people are already taking over, over there on Target 3 lol. Oh well. Not my fuckin problem. I'll be born into it lol I'm already hatted. lol Hapsburg lol

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