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My Story by Kathy Gold

Suppressive Persons

Basically it's a person who is stuck in a past life incident and assumes the person in front of them is you and their computation is to kill you, litterly to justify their crime of killing that other person.

Take my mom for example, in present time, she third partied my father when i was little or talked shit, divide and conquer.

Sent him back to Hungary where he died and then lied about it to me. She knew he died, she got a letter from my grandmother, her mother. She's known since I was 14/15 years old, I'm 45 now.

Her 2nd marriage, to Ramon, she fucked him over too, they purchased a house together, she put it in her name only, not his but they were married. The deal was he fixed up the house and they would sell it. She bought it, put the down payment. They both paid the monthly mortgage together.

After it was fixed up she sold it and kept the money and kicked him to the curb.

Now looking back at it, maybe they were never married, another lie she told me. The mortgage lol. If she's married to him, it's community state property and no prenup. That would be an outpoint lol.

She took that money and purchased a townhome, she met her third or 2nd husband lol Charlie lol he was 18 when they met and she was like late 30's. She lies about her age too lol.She's one of those lol. Anyway, they did get married, cause they invited me to the wedding lol. He needed citizenship to stay and she assumed he would be easy to control.

He told me later, after my induced meltdown, he never loved her, she was a bet with his friends. That's the last thing I wanted to hear after what I had been put through ok.

She said the same thing basically, but added, she grew to love him. lol.

They married each other for other reasons, not love but the love of money.

When I was crossing the wall of fire, I remembered her and him. They were part of the Russian Federation. I would fly in and out for whatever reason. She had a billboard throughout certain neighborhoods and I remembered her billboard. It looked just like the big ole picture she had hanging on the wall of her house of herself. You know those glamour shots, very similar. I remember I read her story in the PR because it made headlines. She was married and her husband set up distribution for her hair products and they had a family, a daughter with blonde hair and they were well off. Her husband died and it was just her and her daughter. Enter new guy, muscle dude, hot young stud. She started going to town, showing off her new man. She gave him money, etc etc. It turned out, he was cheating on her with her own daughter. And she ended up killing both of them.

In present time, she thinks I'm that person, that daughter and no matter what you say to this woman, she won't believe you ok. She won't go by my actions in present time. She only sees with her case, her reactive mind, her past lives and her computations that keep her alive and her goals attained. But in reality, it's just an illusion. For example, she has a mansion, her dream home, it's mortgaged to the hill. Major mortgage payment per month. It's not paid off lol And per her stats, I checked, she's also a licensed real estate agent. She makes approximately $40k a year ok. She wants people to see a rich person but in reality, she's not.

She's an SP cause of her actions. Just by being in my vicinity, she will go out of present time, it will cause her pain lol. She's a criminal so she's had alot of trips to the implant station for treatment. She has no effect on me whatsoever. The better I do now, the more she will do worse. Until she does herself in.

She takes no responsibility or accountability for her actions. Therefore no change or improvement. She just says, ooops, I made a mistake lol and bulldozes over everything. She doesn't learn from her mistakes but instead uses it as a reason to hurt others get it lol To her, my life is petty, meaningless.

She's the typical 1.1. woman, she's stuck in that tone band, but that's socially, in reality, she's lower on the tone scale.

And the good news is, her and her husband, both of their souls will get fused to this rock and en-tombed for the next 1 billion years after they die, no next life for them lol. They are both last life nazi's. I have a feeling, pedafiles down the wholetrack, they really hate little kids. They both feel it's ok to hit children to teach them. Like you would hit an animal. The clue that gave it away was her husband, heiling hitler in their home after my induced meltdown. Her response, oh Charlie, don't do that lol Yeah, they are out to lunch lol or out of present time.

To the news lol I too saw those news reports lol They said, it's just a piece of paper lol not that big of a deal lol ok.

For the church it's an ethics gradient. To say, hey, knock off your bullshit and get back to work, not that big of a deal lol The disconnection policy was cancelled in 1968, David Miscavige reinstituted it. For control, you are easier to control if you fear losing your friends, family and business connections.

Basically a loss, eaiser to key in your case, your past lives when you lost, whether it was your life, your loved ones, your business, your goals, your hopes, your dreams etc.

What David Miscavige did, is suppressive. He is an SP fighting a long ago war. He's out of present time.

Most people don't get our religion, they don't think with it and just assume it's a place of worship because it's a church. lol

It's always been a religion about past lives. He made up his own words lol put his own group there to handle his loss of the universe ending OT 3.

He's fine now, he's on target 3 playing his games, he has a huge military wholetrack lol. He's in heaven lol

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