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My Story by Kathy Gold

Suppressive People

Declare these people and get them off your lines. They will rip you off, for your time and squash you into non existence.

Buttercelli Bakery, Sherman Oaks July 2011
I made allowances for her, I took 1/2 up front of $62.50 and the other half upon completion. $62.50
She purchased 1000 Twitter Followers, the work I did for her lead her to VH1, PR, Marketing.

I checked, while working on her twitter account, VH1 found her from twitter. And I guess they went into her bakery and showed her bakery in some show. She could have just said, thank you, an acknowledgement. I know that my actions helped procure that for her. My actions gave her results and she didn't care.

She never gave me any credit. I was working on the twitter account, prior to that she had like 100 followers if that or less. I delivered her more than 1000 twitter followers, like 1200 or more.

She told me, she didn't want to pay for the service upfront, like any service I take all of the money upfront, I have to pay the people that I work with, that's where the money goes. So per her, because the guy she hired to pass out flyers took all her money and didn't deliver what was sold to her. She couldn't pay me the full amount. So I took half. I got confirmation on that, I talked to him too. He flipped out, when I emailed him. And then he threatened to sue me ok. So yes, she got ripped off by the flyer guy and she turned around and tried to pin this debacle on me. I was being nice, caring.

She knew I paid other people to do the work, I told her this upfront. I have people do this while I'm doing sales. I can't do it all myself. At $125.00, I can't live like that. . I felt bad and was trying to be the bigger person. That was wrong. I should have never helped her. She is the business owner and I should never have taken responsiblity for her business or helping it grow in any way shape or form. It was out exchange. When I picked up the balance of the 2nd payment, two weeks later of $62.50, she was a snob. She looked down at me, like I was a piece of shit.

She came back for 2nd service, I was working on a product for local business owners to get local twitter followers but twitter changed their terms of service so that product went by the wayside. It was gonna cost $265.00 for this product/services Because she was an existing client, I gave her a 50% discount so she was charged $132.50. But I couldn't deliver that service that she purchased and I refunded her that money. She didn't care why, she just wanted it done or a refund. So I refunded her, her money.

It was an overt for me to do business this way with this woman, to put her business ahead of my survival. I wasn't in a financial position to give her a break, I felt sorry for her. I allowed my compassion for mankind to get in the way. I honestly believed man was basically good. Now I realize, they are evil and not worth saving. If the planet blew up tommorrow, I'd be extremely happy.

Going back to my stable basics when I owned Digital Gold. Up front or forget it. Didn't have a problem with people back then, not even small business owners, now they are really really mean. It's weird, not normal behavior.

In fact, I'm not gonna be selling that service anymore. They can do it themselves. Hard work, in ethics, but eventually, they'll get there lol. They couldn't see the value of investing $165.00 to promote and market their business. Forget it lol Not worth my time.

My only guess, she assumed she could treat me this way because I'm a scientologist etc etc etc. More than one reason. I don't have proof, wow big fuckin deal. It doesn't make it not true.

Dwell Floor Five, Studio City. September 9, 2011
I put up a webpage for them so they could purchase their website. I wouldn't have gone to all the trouble if I knew they didn't want to purchase a website. In our meeting, she lead me to believe she wanted a website, I told her, I was going to put up a wepbage for her so they could pay for it with a credit card. She agreed. She also told me, to come by her office, she would sign a contract and get started. Then I got blown off.

Here's the webpage I put up for them, so they could order.

I didn't have this problem in 1996 when I started my business. It was really, how that all came together.

Now the business owners I talk to are weird. Ok. Not normal. Why are you googling me? I showed you what I've done, even past letters of recommendation, it's not good enough for you? Why are you stupid, slow to make change within your business?

Interested in my religion, buy a book and read, your hand is not broken.

I don't think anything will be good enough for these people. Oh Well lol Not my fuckin problem.

Find another person to kick around and keep down by your own out ethics. Figure out how to really market and promote your business, by trial and error. If you lose a shit load of money, eventually you'll get it or go out of business. Karma it's a bitch just like me.

College doesn't teach this stuff, it's all street smarts, not book smarts LMAO College teaches techniques they don't teach you how to solve problems in the field, that's something the person has to figure out.

Updated July 18, 2013

This was the product this bitch got for $125.00 No more exchanging in abundance with anybody ever again. She and everybody else can hire a PR company at a minimum of $5k a month. That is exchange in. This, this $125.00 is out exchange for me. I got no benefit, no referrals, nothing just treated like shit. Shelly was also Tom's sister OT3, my cousin in a galaxy far far away. Bitch, I spotted you.

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