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Super Power

Was a series of rundowns for church staff, not for public. The Super Power program instituted by David Miscavige is a bypass of the bridge itself, for David Miscavige's rich, elite parishioners. They know the rest of the upper levels aren't gonna get released lol. Look around you, this society is on it's way out. lol Oh well not our problem lol. The people who caused it, their problem. They'll have to answer to God and we are not God lol.

Notice anything similiar here, Sea Org, the fleet maybe? He is using the super power to handle implants quickly, but it's in a controlled environment, you can't control crossing the wall of fire, not for pilots or anybody that is fleet. The results of this is gonna be, headaches, dizzyness, physical pain and of course possible death.

When you're out there, anything goes, anything can happen. Each individual has their own journey to walk, there is no cookie cutter solution but this is cookie cutter. He invested into a buildings, equipment not people, not staff.

His trial and errors as well as others up at Int management

You can see in the BSG vids, pilots on ships, running around in a circle, that was exercise on a ship lol The fleet lol Get your confirmation, drop the bod and go lol let everybody else who created this mess, clean it up lol We didn't create it, we're not responsible or accountable. We go first, best of best elite, the rest can die on this rock, infused and en-tombed into this rock for their betrayal of their 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th and of course the 8th dynamic, God.

This is not the church I entered in 1986, nor the community. It's now David Miscavige's church, his tech, his religion. I understand that they've been fighting with others for so long, they've lost their way, they can no longer see the error of their ways.Or ethics blindspots

They've been playing by the rules for a long time, conditions are not improving on this planet, they just continue to get worse. Apply tech and get to target 3. Evil will be dealt with on an individual, case by case basis. Each person, each individual is responsible and accountable for their actions. Nobody is off limits.

Even the Prime Minister of Russia is applying Simon Bolivar. He can not control the actions of others.

While everybody fights in middle class heaven lol we move forward to target 3 lol They can all be right lol

It's a well known fact, when Hungarians start speaking out lol shit is going down lol

The books by LRH are considered extremist ok and Scientologist's in Russia feel like the Christians being hunted for their religion.

My mother's friend a russian jew, Riva, she told me how when she was younger, they had to hide their religion and do it in their homes.

I guess Scientologists will be next in Russia. Btw, LRH got rid of these events, he found it pulled Division 6 off their post, stopped them from going door to door handing out promo for the church as well as selling books. After David Miscavige took over, he reinstituted it, for money. They don't leave their churches.

I guess everybody expects people to just show up because they have pretty buildings and Tom Cruise as their celebrity endorsement.

Updated August 17, 2013

I won't be updating Press Releases with defunct URLs, if you need to know, use news archives, google is one so is AP or go to google and type in the keywords, news archives, you can also try yahoo and bing.

Let your fingers do the walking. As for Super Power, it's a bypass of the bridge, to obtain cause over their exteriorization without doing the rest of the OT Levels. In that angry gay pope vid, did you see the circular machine up at Int Management? Just like in the Super Power photos and the BSG vid, all the same thing, pilots use currently for training. That's not gonna handle it. Nope, pilots in the air force and/down the wholetrack were already doing something to help mankind, part of the job. Some rich person giving them money for an A ticket ride won't give them cause over their exteriorization, they have to take responsiblity for mankind ie helping, real help, doing the right thing etc etc, after getting out of that contraption, he or she will be too dizzy or not feel a thing. This is bullshit, Court, I want my money back. This is a scam, his/her ser fac and so the cycle continues or same shit different day. Anyhoo, it's not the same church I entered in 1986. It's been alterised, changed. See The David Miscavige files to get it.

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