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Sun Rise Kitchens

I found them on Craigslist too. Gerry and Laura.

I actually like Gerry and Laura, I have a feeling they are both fleet. I have compassion for both Gerry and Laura, they've been in this business the longest, out lived their competition, through the ups and downs of others before me, all the suppressive bullshit from the city etc etc or restim city all their fuckin lives and career, if you don't do what I say, or kiss my ass, I'll take your license and kill you, got it, good. Or nazi's because they can. City employees are the worst, they have no compassion, no caring and abuse this system because they can. What are you gonna do, take us to court ha ha. Little pencil pushing dweebs ok.

I hope to see them in the Jewish Federation, they are both Jews. Gerry told me, his wife, was his soulmate. I could hear his case, oh no Laura it's time to go the fleet LMAO. Yep guys, when you drop your bods, get to target 3. If you are real fleet, you'll get my dad's comm.

They have a catering company and they go into businesses to deliver sandwiches and salads. It's a route and you sell sandwiches and salads.

I actually did this many many years ago, like over 20 years ago. I didn't work for them, I worked for somebody else. It was cool, I could actually make $100-200.00 a day in sales and tips.

The problem this time, the landscape has changed. I was lucky to make $75.00 a day before expenses, mind you, gas prices have gone up, they are not the same as over 20 years ago. But her prices haven't changed, the most you can make selling a sandwich or salad is $1.25 or $1.50 so it's pure volume.

As an independent contractor I have to pay for my own gas as well as purchasing the food. It's my own business.

The routes, are too zig zagged, I had to drive from her place in Van Nuys, on Sepulveda to Glendale/Burbank. The route I was given, there was no way to make all the routes on time, the last place I had to go, to be at, was in Van Nuys, on woodman Mental Health For Children office was by 12 noon. I could never get there until after like 12:30pm. By then, they were all gone to lunch.

I tried to handle this problem but I just kept getting more problems from the owners. I was told when they hired me, I could build up my route but that was a lie. I tried to switch things around, etc etc. But when I 'd ask for advice I was told to keep it the way it is. I planned to work there, it was a perfect job, I could make money to pay my bills and I could have the time to work on my business. I really wanted this job to work out, it fit perfectly with my admin scale.

I left because I was not making enough money, too much for gas and this company's route, the people, her clients treated me like shit. Technicolor was the last straw. I went there to deliver this one guy, a burrito, a breakfast burrito. He asked me everyday to bring him one. And I did. Mind you, he did not pre pay, so if I didn't sell that food, that he ordered, I had to pay for it, out of my pocket, because at the end of the day, the food you don't sell, you have to purchase.

So I went on his word, I had no reason not to, he purchased from me everyday, I even invested, purchased organic ice teas, V8 juices, yogurt etc etc. To give people a balanced diet, healthy etc etc.

So, on that day, I went to the 3rd floor of the Technicolor Company in Burbank, I waited and waited after I set up. Each day, the receptionist, I forget her name but she was a bitch to me. Told me, she emailed everybody to let them know. Nobody showed up.I suspect she lied and never informed everybody I was there, and I also suspect she did this to me before, so I would have no sales. I found out, my regular customer Chris, bald hot guy with a girlfriend or fiancee, he's in editing, he was in an accident and didn't come in that day. He was on his motorcycle. I thought that was odd because the guy that told me, he would purchase hummus regularly, was laughing when he told me. I didn't take him seriously ok. I thought how insensitive, that guy could have died, so I just assumed Chris changed his mind and didn't want his burrito that day.

Prior to that day, when I was leaving, my cooler on wheels tipped over and water from the ice spilled out. The guy behind me helped me tip it back over. He said, don't worry, it's ok. The security guard and me stood there and the receptionist said to me, go to your truck and get a towel and clean it up, but she said it mean, like snap to it, so I said to him, she's talking to you? Cause me and him just both looked at each other. And she said, no, I was talking to you, I was like huh? She was talking to me like a slave ok. I'm not an employee of that company, they have maintenance for that, I would bring the maintenance woman food too everyday. I forgot her name but she was mexican. Very nice lady. She loved the taco salads.

They don't want lawsuits, that's why maintenance would clean up a spill. For example, if a client spilled hot coffee on the ground, you would never tell that client to clean it up, get on their knees and clean, more lawsuits. And of course, less clients. Can you picture her yelling at a client who spilled their water or hot coffee on the floor? Boy, I can, she was extremely mean and nasty to me. I forget her name but she was white, with long hair, very pretty girl, with big jewelry necklace. She thinks she's mob but she's not, she's just a petty, nothing, nobody who wishes she was somebody. She takes great pride and joy fucking with people, belittling them, making them feel like shit, abusing and mis treating people.

So normally, professional people would say, don't worry about this mr. or mrs. so and so, I'll get maintenance to clean it up, have a seat, Mr. so and so will be right with you.

But instead I got yelled at and treated like shit. So on that day, the day Chris supposedly got into an accident, when I was leaving, I asked the receptionist and she started yelling at me, treating me like shit.

You know I sold Carrie-Anne Moss some food one day, she was working with Chris. She was really nice. You know I really didn't pay attention, I told her she reminded me of Trinity from the Matrix, great actress, then later I realized it was her too funny.

Anyhoo, the receptionist called Laura and told her I was rude and for me never to come back there ever again. Mind you, she and some dude at reception were yelling at me, belittling me and laughing at me, like I was nothing. I intended never to come back after the way that receptionist and that guy treated me at Technicolor. After all I was an independent contractor, not an employee.

I told Laura when I got back, she immediately had to talk to me and I told her what happened. Laura sided with her and didn't give a fuck about me or my feelings or how I was treated. So both me and Laura decided it was best for me not to work there. I tried to give Laura at least a 2 week notice but she was like no, that's not gonna work. Laura doesn't give a fuck about the independent contractor's that work for her, it's not her problem whether I make money selling her food or not. It's my problem.

I was gonna work the next day to finish up the food I didn't sell, cause I had food I purchased from Laura that morning I had to sell. They make you purchase the muffins and pastries from them too. The muffins she gets at Costco.

I had alot of morning stuff left, you can only keep them for like 2 days and then you have to throw them away. I wasn't in a financial position to take that on as an added business expense.After all, I already invested in a cooler, organic iced tea, V8 juice etc etc. I planned to stay with her company and turn that route into a money making venture not just for me but her as well, after all I was selling her food, her products. I really wanted this to work, if I didn't, I would have left after the first 2 or 3 days. If only I could get that route to pay me $150.00 a day. That was the goal, after 30 days, they tell you, you have to go to the city and get a permit etc etc. I was ok with that, I really planned on being there long term.

If anybody on her route was wondering what happened to me, well now they will know. The mental health people on her route were really nice. They didn't treat me like shit, like a nothing, nobody. Only the people in the entertainment industry on her route did, like that bitch receptionist who works at Technicolor

Here is there address:

250 East Olive Avenue, Suite 300
CA 91502

The one on the 3rd floor, they have both the 3rd and 4th floor.

Remember, Technicolor and Scientology, because of their front lines, I left. Maybe they should hire more responsible people for their frontlines instead of mob wanna be whores.XOXO Babe Corleone


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