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My Story by Kathy Gold

Sumner Redstone and Nikki Sixx

This thing, pre OT3 and OT3, is between Sumner Redstone and Nikki Sixx. I found out I was pregnant, with my 1st child, me and Jett were married. I never got a chance to tell my father in that life, he was too busy fucking his mistress, so me and Jett went on a double date with Sixx and Juliette to celebrate my pregnancy, life. I was gonna tell him the next day.

After my death, my father found out I was pregnant, autopsy. He moved on emotion, sweeps and took both of them out of the game, revenge or payback for my death. Sixx and Juliette wanted to replace me and Jett, our jobs. Both of them were planning it, they both set us up. If me and Jett thought for a second that, I, my baby or Jett, was in danger, we would never have gone with them, on a double date or anything else.

I suspect, Sixx was doing some work for my father, unbeknownst to me for more than one reason. This, what both of them did, was to get back at him. To hurt him the most. Juliette is easy to spin, so I know the planning, started with Sixx, she went along with him for the ride, her high.

My father was extremely upset, not just that I died but my unborn child, his grandchild. OT3, Sixx did it again, two lifetimes in a row. The one variable, his grandchild, again. Sixx caused the deaths of 300 billion lives in a galaxy far far away, the universe did not have to end.

I have no idea about these two people, I don't know them nor have I met them in present time and I'm not gonna. But this is between them, their past lives and all. It's not my job to figure out, what went south between them, nor do I care. He was a good dad, he allowed me to be me and do my job, what I loved more than anything in the world, being an assassin. We might not have seen eye to eye on some things and yeah he bitched about Jett, but in the end, those two, loved each other. Both are wholetrack psychs, implanters.

I remembered where I met Sixx the first time, we were little, my father was Sumner Redstone, he ran the implant stations, Sixx was born into it, me and my father put programs in place for the children born in implant stations, a way out, a head start in life. I met Sixx there, he was one of the boys in the basement, he really loved his job LMAO. We never were a couple or an item, we were just really good friends. We admired each other's jobs, ability, skills etc etc. We were both pros. Like I said, I know how to work my implants, the boys in the basement taught me a few tricks. LMAO. I used those tricks while crossing the wall of fire. It can get really tricky LMAO.

Once I drop my bod, target 3 is where I'm going. Lights will guide me home, to the Jewish Federation, where Jett will be waiting with open arms.

As for Sumner Redstone and Nikki Sixx, I have no idea where their journeys will take them, it's their path, their souls. If I never see you guys ever again, take care. xoxo K.

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