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My Story by Kathy Gold

Statue of Limitations

So, the statue of limitations has run out, nobody helped me, not one fuckin person, group, or organization. Wouldn't lift a fuckin finger, and their hand was not broken. They could have just forwarded my info, made my twitter account viral etc etc. Even the fair housing people, could have done something different, like hmmm this is new, let me investigate, this does not seem right to me. But instead that bitch at this office hung up on me. My taxes pay her paycheck and she was rude to me, she acted like I should be kissing no licking her ass ok. That's not a normal response. So I already know, she's a criminal, she has crimes in present time. But she's not gonna get off this rock. Nope, her actions sealed her fate.

So that means, they all had 1 shot for their eternity, their immortality, their spiritual freedom by doing the right thing and they refused for whatever reason, more than 1.

At the end of the day, not one of you can hold me responsible and say, I never did enough. It was you, that never did enough. Your justifications, your MU's, your lack of confront, your lack of doingness, your rightness, etc etc.

Nobody will be following in my footsteps. This was it. There is a video tape of me and when it comes out in 50, 60, 100, 200, 300 etc etc years, then you will remember. This will be your reminder, that in 2012 you had a chance to make a difference, to do the right thing and you chose not to.

And the gates of hell, will open up for you and welcome you with open arms. Welcome to Hell, you will pay a price with your soul, 1 billion years. After 1 billion years, I will own your soul and at that time, I will decide what I will do with it. LOL so you see, chickadees, I won and you lost.

And for those of you that love Catholicism and all, yes, God can't talk to you but sends you messages in present time, or as we Scientologists say, ethics gradients. Los Angeles, city of Lost Angels, only I'm not lost and I've got my wings back, I'm ready to fly. I know where to go. LMAO Too funny. It's fun to be an angel though, who doesn't want to be an arch angel, raise your hand? LOL.

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