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My Story by Kathy Gold

Standard Tech Scientology

On my journey of crossing the wall of fire, I had to figure it all out. I had to tell Max Hauri Ron's Org dude, what was up lol . I told him about those diagrams online, they're implant stations, an implant station was a jail in outer space. The missing piece of technology not within the Church of Scientology today, run by David Miscavige.

I knew Captain Bill Robertson from last life when I was in the Sea Org. My body was born this life in 1966 but I picked up this body in 1968, the thetan that had the body before me, was dying and dropped the body. I died in 1968 on the ship, I was suppose to come back but instead I went towards my dad. He was praying for his child not to die in the hospital, he was outside and it was snowing. I got confirmation from my father when I was like 12 years old. We talked about things, openly, honestly, directly.

I was on the ship with LRH, one of the original Sea Org members. lol. I was a guy ok and and we spotted each other, this is when he was doing his research on OT3, and the PTS/SP technology. We both weren't gay, but he was my wholetrack 2d. Most gay people don't want to wait, hence the out ethics lol You have to wait until you are in the right body otherwise it's out ethics.

David Miscavige has already altered the Scientology Technology when he changed the ethics book to include Simon Bolivar.

Everything Marty Rathbun said, is true. This religion is on it's way out. It will slowly die, like this planet. Not that big of a deal.

This is not the church I originally belonged to, it's no longer the church LRH put there but David Miscavige's church, he's dramatizing his case from OT3, when the universe ended.

There's alot more out ethics I'm sure, you just don't know about it. The refund policy is there to prevent the church as a group from going into lower conditions, out exchange, criminal exchange, abuses etc.

When someone puts money on account it's there for their future. Even in the event of their death, next life they could come back and use it to go up the bridge and obtain their spiritual freedom. David Miscavige changed those rules and neglected to inform everybody. Money, his main motivation.

That's what the church of Scientology put there by LRH was like, this church, you have to make your money all in one life. And at $100k or more a pop, that's not a reality for alot of people.

It's just easier for people to do it themselves. Going into a type 3 meltdown is very therapeutic for people whose ethics are in. They won't die, only people who have low moral and ethical standards. Those are the best customers, public for the Church of Scientology of today.

I personally have money on account at Flag, $1000.00, per their rules, the laws have changed and they are a church, it's a donation and therefore they are not obligated under the law to give it back. Ok, I flowed money to Flag before my induced meltdown because I planned to go to Flag after AO for services.

They won't refund money anymore, you have to go to court lol Ok, fine, they can keep my $1,000 and pay the consequences of their actions lol It's a spiritual thing, their own shit will recoil on them lol Oh well, not my problem.

Btw, when I started going into my sit again in 2009 after I was thrown in jail. I was exterior to the bod, 3 feet in back of my head. Then at AO, I was 6 feet in back of my head watching them pick me up, and carry me out of AO, the next thing I knew, I was on the pavement.

So 2nd time I was knocked out of the body by force that started me going into a type 3 sit. I'm not Lisa Mcpherson. The 1st time was when Jon Mackinder picked me up and threw me across my dinning room table. I didn't feel a thing, I was exterior to my body. I just didn't know it lol.

Anyway, I started going into a type 3 meltdown, I didn't know what to do, so I said, fuck it, I'm writing this up, why have all this shit in my universe when I can put it in theirs. So I started writing KR's. This went on for a while lol lot's of KR's written lol To RTC, online lol so I'm sure the new security company they hired along with any hackers already read them lol.

Then when I did my journeys online, I was cracking my case, I was introverting on alot of shit in a small condensed period of time, it goes in spurts and you can't control it, It's also not a 24 hour thing, it took me from 2009 to 2011 to finally cross the wall of fire that got started in 1998. Big difference then a cert ok. It can happen anytime, anywhere, anything can key in your case enough to start you going into a type 3.

If your ethics are out, you'll die. Bottomline. If you think it's ok to fuck a married man or woman, and/or go out 2d, you're ethics are out and you won't make it. Remember shit turns on, shit turns off. The way out is the way through.

1.1. bitches like Lisa Mcpherson aren't gonna make it. sorry, that's the rules girls lol. Low responsiblity, no accountability for actions, or no amends. They refuse and serv fac. Same goes for the men.

Highest ethical and moral standards, best of best elite.

But the end product is, you will have cause over your exteriorization lol and I gotta tell you, it feels so fuckin great, woohoo.

Last Policy LRH wrote, was about lying. Lies, it's on Marty's blog, he read it. It's not released to the general public, I guess you'll have to wait for that until they release OT15 lol good luck with that lol.

Me, I prefer to apply my ethics book instead of waiting lol. Plus, way more cheaper lol I saved alot of money by doing it myself.

Update Tuesday, June 26, 2012 as of Today, Flag still has my money. But here's the good news, they will be the first to fall, remember 10k fold if not more. I hope that $1000.00 was worth it Miscavige, you lost Flag because of that.

If you get a refund from the Church of Scientology, you can never ever have services ever again, that's why nobody asks for their money back first. We put up with alot of shit. We only ask for money on our way out of their group. They know this, they use it to suppress the individual, to control them. It's wrong but this is who these people are.

It shows to the Church, the person only cares about money and has a low ethics level as well as a moral level. They don't take responsibility and accountability for their actions, that's all Christine Brown cared about, her money, not her soul.

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