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My Story by Kathy Gold


Sova The Jewish Federation

On my journey, I went on food stamps. I never experienced that before in my life. I went on food stamps, they only give you 3 months. After that you have to go do community service for 20 hours a week. How does one work and still find time to get a job etc etc?

I didn't do it, so I lost it.

It's not a humbling experience, I'm not a snob lol I have food allergies so they really didn't have the kind of food I needed, I went on food stamps.

I've been on my own since I was little. This is nothing new to me lol. I'm an only child.

But it did remind me of my half brother OT3, it was his home. I would go do errands for him, city stuff, civil.
I remember sitting there waiting all fuckin day long, I felt like I was undercover for him, doing an inspection, his eyes, his ears etc. I miss him. I wish the universe never ended.

When we were little we would go up to the implant stations and play around lol. He would chase me around all frankenstein like lol He didn't scare me at all. lol

Me and my half brother were getting implants, our dad, security reasons, so we could be tracked in the event we were kidnapped. And while we waited there, Jett and his little sister came in too. Me and my half brother were like, we are soooo better than you lol We were snobs to them lol And his dad, did the implants with the help of his assistant. His dad spotted me that day. He just laughed. He didn't say a thing. And neither did I lol. Good memories of a great civilization that didn't have to end.

I found Sova, The Jewish Federation. You will have to take a journey to find the rest in the physical universe. Here are the Federations so far:

The Russian Federation
The Jewish Federation

I've found my home, out there, among the stars, target 3. I'll see you all there. Hip hip, hooray :)

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