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Social Media Long Term

I don't see it, for the small business owners, it could be a great marketing, promotional tool but here's the problems:

1)The small business owners don't want to tweet daily, don't want to lift their fingers. It's a 5 min thing and still they don't want to do it, ok.

2)The small business owners need local twitter followers. So they can promote their small business to their local community. They weren't interested in promoting and marketing their local business here in Los Angeles to somebody in Montana ok. Twitter is a bypass of email. To handle the spam issue and the non responsive shit lol or HE &R. People are not reponsive to emails sent out, by the time you grow your audience, you'll be out of business lol. Half the time, their emails bounce back ok. Even if the email address is good. It's also the small business owner, they're box is too full, they don't want to deal with it lol.

3)Facebook, those people don't want to be marketed to, they just want to be social. Chit Chatting. If you post more than once a day, they flip out. To have any impact, you have to post more than once, unless if you are big, huge like McDonalds. I'm not McDonalds ok. It would be great to have 12 million face book fans but I don't lol

4)There is alot of criminality on Facebook. They allow victims to get abused. Look at my scene. Yeah, I'm not the only one. It's unethical and not being responsible. If you're gonna have a system like this, you better fuckin handle it, so regular people don't get fucked. You open yourself up to legal liability. Civil for death.

5) Yes it's the end user, the major problems. lol That's why we're gonna leave, go to target 3, isn't that a better solution than trying to handle the end user? I think so. It's too much time and money to educate these people ok, they don't get it lol they don't want to get it lol lol It's time to go guys ok. A way better game, awaits for all of us. The rest can come back next life and try it again lol. Get grooved into the system thru school etc etc. lol Get it lol. For fleet, real fleet, this isn't our game. We move forward to Target 3, the real shit lol secure and set up all the new planets lol Get it lol.
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