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Sky Dayton vs Mark Zuckerberg

The running joke within David Miscavige's organization is, Sky Dayton or Mark Zuckerberg lol Who will win, he assumes Sky Dayton because he's a Scientologist but in reality, who's got more experience with court and lawsuits lol Mark does lol

Sky Dayton went to a Scientology school, Delphi, owned Cafe Mocha, when he owned Cafe Mocha, the main reason he wanted out of that business, was because people were ripping him off, taking money out of the cash register. Sky's solution instead of confronting that problem was sell his biz and do something else. Meaning, runaway. Obviously Cafe Mocha wasn't Sky's passion, if it was, he would have solved that problem and expanded his store into a StarBucks or Coffee Bean.

No retail company out there, closes shop because of theft, they handle it, they solve the problem, they confront it. Nobody runs away from it. And yeah, they also prosecute theives too. They don't let them get away with it like Sky did. Most Scientologists would feel bad for Sky and say, you're right, society is really bad, the dwindling spiral, it's ok that you got rid of that biz and did Earthlink lol. Ok. That's their viewpoint. Not mine. I'm not these people ok. lol.

And Sky Dayton, assumes eventually there will be space fuel to take him to the next planet lol his implant lol ok. I don't know Mark, I have never met him, and I will never meet him, but I can tell you one thing, he has fuckin balls ok, which is more than I can say for Sky Dayton.

Oh and yeah, right before my induced meltdown, a friend of mine Valencia, we were in the Sea Org together, on the EPF, she told me all about Sky's operating basis lol. He always gets a partner, takes the helm, then fucks over that partner, gets rid of that partner and takes full credit. He had a partner at Cafe Mocha too. I guess auditing isn't gonna handle that evil purpose huh, oh well, Sky will have to find out on his own. Ethics.

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