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My Story by Kathy Gold

So How Could My First Sit Been Handled?

Well, first off, Jon Mackinder. They never bothered to do a proper, full investigation. I wrote KR's. I was ignored. No acknowledgement. blown off. No Comm.

We were in a 2D, he could have at any given point, took the helm and got on the phones to get money in the door, handle clients etc etc. Instead he blew too. They told him to stay away from me. We were still in comm. Now if he was really my soulmate like he said, he wouldn't have listened to anybody lol He allowed these people to separate us. And then got rewarded for it. It's quite sick and disturbing.

I called him and he called me back. I went out and got laid lol I moved on physically but not emotionally. Emotions take longer. I went down to the Rainbow, met some dude in the movie industry, he was a PA, he was younger. I called Jon and he called and left a message on my voicemail.

I told him, dude, I'm gonna move on, get laid tonight. It's one of my basics lol If I have sex with someone else, it's over. No going back lol. I told him, move on, get a younger girl, easier to control lol.

He calls back and said, Ok, I guess this is it, this is goodbye then. lol. He was stumped. Never talked to him ever again. This was the same man that proposed to me on Valentine's Day, 14th, 1998. After me and the one night stand guy, had sex, lol I had him listen to the message, what's your take on it? We laughed so hard lol. He said, this guy doesn't know what to say lol The next day, he took me out on a date lol I wasn't interested. Just a lay.

Here's a hint girls, don't listen to anyone when you meet a guy, get background checks on him. A full investigation lol Don't listen to parents, ministers, members of your church. Nobody. Trust no one.

I had to reach out to these people again after I was lied to. I wasn't a fool ok. I was like, something is off, something is not right. I just never in a gazillion years thought my own family betrayed me. Stabbed me in the back for money. That's how it works, 1.1. Until it happens to you, it's hard to describe. But now I get it.

Trust no one, not even family members by DNA. These are the basics I have learned by being a member of the Church of Scientology and my family by DNA. My Catholic basics, sustained me. I'm Catholic too, it's in my soul lol.

But instead of the Church of Scientology getting in communication with me, talking directly, overtly, honestly, I got blown off, left in confusion and pain. This group is not worthy of trust. Do not trust these people,. they will fuck you over, the first chance they get, court or no court, all they care about is money. Their actions have proved it.

After I got out of the psych hospital they already banned me from Scientology services, course and auditing and then lied about it for more than one reason. I just didn't know all the reasons lol

The good news, I figured it out, I'm way smarter than David Miscavige lol I know he can't stand the fact that a Jew figured it out, who didn't have access to the Tech lol and he, a small, short, little man, who does have access to the tech, can't. To many overts in present time. He's a big ole loser lol. Btw isn't Shelly's tubes tied and yet she made him wear 2 rubbers? lol A computation I picked up on my journey lol Miscavige was trying to figure out why lol and who lol I suspect Mike Rinder lol

It was during those court transcripts for the Marc Headley case where they had Shelly go to Flag and video tape the affidavits lol. She was still alive then. I wonder what she looked like, how she responded etc etc.. Only Marc and Claire know for sure lol They saw those and I'm sure the Anons who hacked into those servers lol Marc spilled that on the ex scientology kids board lol.

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