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Service Facsimiles

Or make wrongs. It's where others by their words and/or actions have made you wrong. Jon had alot of them, all he did was bitch, bitch, bitch, how he was made wrong by his ex wife Shelly. She did this, she did that, all the things she did to prevent him from doing his religion.

So, to handle, I made him right, one day, I sat down, cause he was bitching, and went , you are right, your right, and repeated over and over and over and over again. Finally after 15 minutes of this, he was fine and knocked it off.

Ok, this gets tiring ok. Not gonna do that ever again. It's a process you would have to do for the rest of your life, cause he doesn't handle long term, it's not permanent, he doesn't take responsibility for his condition, his case, his actions and assumes cause he's a guy, he knows it all.

Scott has ser facs too. But his are bigger, meaner. He doesn't want to move, make money, he feels used already by women in present time and nothing is gonna change his mind, He's very stubborn or solid as a rock in that regard. So, some woman will have to come in and be rich and take responsibility for him with her money for him to feel better. He's tired and done. His service facsimiles, meaning more then one, plus it's just easier to do that then to figure out another solution to his problems within his industry. The landscape has shifted, they'll have to switch gears if they want to go faster, they are not in the law industry now, in present time, they are in the tech industry. Big difference. They have debt like no tomorrow and nobody will save them. As for comm lines, in this business, nobody cares. Not real comm lines. Nobody they can count on and trust. Not real friends, never were.

Just like Chip Meyers, he didn't give a fuck when I went into his office, all that guy cared about was money. I had a talk with him and he didn't want to spend more money, I told him, how about you have Dean Devlin kick up some bucks? That flipped him out, oh no, I wasn't kissing his ass on the lot of Sony Studios. I was out of character, being open, direct and honest about money. It stopped him dead in his tracks. He went to work for them for very little money, his in to that game LMAO.

The people in the entertainment industry are not people you can rely on, they will never have your back when push comes to shove. I learned that in 1998.

Anyway, service facimiles are make wrongs. They were made wrong so now they have to be right.

Asserting rightness is just, I'm in a position of power or older then you so I'm right and you are wrong.

When it comes to life and death, I go by actions, not words, they tell the real story.

As for Scott, he would do good with an older woman who will take care of him, support him financially. I'm not that girl, never was. Someone who will bail him out financially, pay his child support and/or alimony and his debts and of course cook and clean and fuck him the way he wants. So all he has to do is sit there and watch tv, hang out, play video games, play with his kids etc etc.

Btw, the property values, have gone down, so that 1 million dollar home, how much does he owe on it? 1.2 million or more? A rich woman can step up to the plate and take that debt on.


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