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My Story by Kathy Gold

Scott O'Malley

I met him at 1928 with Brian. They came in to talk about 1928's plan for the future. See, me and Paul discussed the techinology within the company and how the money I was gonna make for them was gonna go to pay for it. Long term investment.

I was lead to believe this by Paul and I was told to contact them by Paul. So I did and they came out to meet with us. At first they didn't want to come, I heard Scott in the background, this is gonna be a waste of time. I told Brian, you guys won't be wasting your time, and reminded them of why we came into this business. It was fun, on the cutting edge etc etc. It's a real meeting. I'm here to make them the money so they can take that money and invest it into a real platform for the company.

So the guys were like ok. That's cool. we'll be over. When they got there, the first thing Brian said to me was, it's like we met in a past life and I said, we have, but we're in the here and now, ok. I saw two fleet members.

So we went into the boardroom. We all sat down, I was on the left side of Paul and Scott was sitting diagonal to me towards the right. I looked at him, when Scott asked Paul about their plans, and Paul immediately acted like Scott did something bad, like he was being intrusive. The whole point for both of these guys to be there was because of the company's plans. I watched Scott's indicators in the boardroom, he got embarrased, flush red like he got caught off guard, but he bounced back really good. He said "Wait a minute" blah blah blah. I saw that he handled Paul's spin really well. And he smiled. He had a nice smile. I also noticed his ring, he's married. I spotted Scott from my wholetrack, starting with my psych ops days.

There won't be psych ops ever again from my past lives, so I can let it rip. Implant stations are going back. Psych ops, it will be in the military only.

Anyhoo, I spotted Scott and went wholetrack on him, I remembered all my past lives with him. Maybe like 3-4. Not that many. He's currently married in present time and has a family, wife, children. I wish him the best.

Updated June 15, 2013

Many years ago, when I was living in the guesthouse, I pulled up 1928, they were hiring, I think I even submitted my resume. I just didn't know why, I felt a feeling. That feeling was Scott, he was there before. I was drawn in that direction but I didn't know why. It's past lives, where you had a 2d with them.

Sometimes it's just a moment in time, just happenstance. You can't cross the wall of fire in a controlled environment, like I said, there are too many variables. I also thought about Brian and Scott on a 2d level, later on, I went A-Z on both of them. When I went A-Z on Scott, I really went wholetrack on him. It was not easy, there was a lot of emotion connected to it. I loved him very much, was in love with him and that lead to my death, he never loved me back. Some people you meet and no matter what the circumstances are, they just don't love you back the way you loved them and no matter what you do, their heart will never change.

So I grounded myself in my mob families down my wholetrack, it was easier then to deal with him and his bullshit. I sent him an email, the day of 3/4/11 telling him what happened. I wanted him to know, what happened and why I wasn't there anymore. I guess under normal circumstances I would have never done that and wouldn't have cared that he thought I was a bitch who set him up for failure and wasted his time. I didn't care that there was past lives between us on the 2d, this was 3rd dynamic. I was applying my ethics book. I got his email from the PR. I googled his name and a press release came up and I got it from there. To be honest I didn't even expect a reply. But 3 days later, he sent me an email.

Dear Scott,

We met today at the 11:00am meeting. Just so that you and Brian both know. I told Paul and Jane yesterday, that you guys were not experts in Magento. I explained to both of them about taking a journey, like I told Brian over the phone.

We all got into this business because we wanted to be on the cutting edge, there was no degrees to get, no certifications etc when we started, no schooling, nothing, nada lol. It was fun, exciting, on the fly.

Anyway, in case you guys call in the future or end up doing business with them, I am no longer there. My time was short, I just started like 4 weeks ago and I had a performance contract as the e commerce manager, that I would do $2mil in sales for the year and in the end I would get a $5,000.00 bonus. Yeah, I know, lol.

When Paul hired me, he told me that he really didn't know what Eric did until he left and realized how valuable Eric was as he was doing tech and marketing/promo. I'm frontend not backend. Paul knew this going in. I told him, I'm not a systems admin, I've built intranets, extranets, wireless, e commerce stores, brochure, you name it, I've done it, plus that with online marketing and promotions. You know the term, if you promote it, they will come lol :)

Anyway, today, out of no where I got pulled into Paul's office where he dropped a bomb on me and basically blindsided me and told me they changed their mind and they were going to hire a tech guy lol.

I have no ill will towards them, it's just not how I operate. I'm direct, upfront and straight forward.

If you come across anybody that is looking to hire someone like me, feel free to pass along my resume and letters of recommendation.

Have a good one lol :)
Kathy Gold

His reply on 3/7/11

Hi Kathy,

Wow! That’s terrible news. I will certainly keep you in mind for any future opportunities both here or at any other company I interact with.

Take care and sorry for the challenging situation…


As you can see it's condescending and he's full of shit ok. ... means to be continued, or read into it. So, I wrote him back, LMAO


Hi Scott,

I had an idea. I think I'm gonna go out to manufacturers here and offer my services. Set up their lines to make money online with e commerce. I haven't met anyone that can do what I do, get sales online. It's my thing, it's what I do and I love it. I love to figure this shit out and make it happen lol.

Anyway, 1928 doesn't have a fuckin clue how to make this happen. I was actually going for 4 mil, to cover my ass and I figured out to get to that they would have to do 7000 to 9000 orders a month, they are no where near that, they are at 700 orders a month. As you can see they have to 10x their stats. For some reason, they all think it's one thing that's gonna get them there, they have no clue that it's more than one thing and it's a combination of things at once. They also don't look at their future where they are gonna be in 5, 10 years and so on. Yeah I picked up on that in the meeting when you asked Paul about his plan and he zipped it you were being intrusive.

Anyway, this is the direction I'm going in, why everybody thinks if you just build a fuckin site and put it on google you'll have sales is beyond me lol. It's alot of hard work, but if you are ethical, it will pay off in the long run. Rome wasn't built in a day lol.

My new tagline, I get results can you say the same about anyone else lol :)

My rates are $50.00 an hour, I was way to too cheap at 1928. I loved their jewelry, good thing I stocked up before they kicked me to the curb lol :) I got a good deal as an employee, 80% off so I bought $200.00 for $30.00 lol. So I'm good.

I'll keep you posted on what I find if you want so you can incorporate that into your sales thing if you come across companies that want results in e commerce meaning sales and profit or as seo experts say, roi lol.

Kathy Gold

I let him sit in it, for 2 years LMAO. You know if he gave a shit, as a business person, he would have responded and said WTF? What's going on?. His hand was not broken. And I have to say, it felt good. But I have a feeling he got pissed off and went trolling anyway LMAO. Ego, how dare I do that to him LMAO ok.

On Apr 22, 2013 I sent him this email.

Hi Scott,

Sorry, you never heard from me. It's not my style to blow people off. I've been extremely busy handling life. Anyhoo, if you get bored, feel free to read my story at

I've left the internet industry, working right now at a telemarketing job from 2:30-8:00pm and I'm still looking for a few more jobs to work round the clock. The industry I'm going into is merchant accounts, going for casinos, if you're up for an adventure, security crew, should be fun,$10.00_hour_job.html can cash out LMAO retirement.

Anyhoo, if not, that's cool.

If I don't hear back from you, that's ok, I won't take it personally, it's nothing personal, just business.

Kathy Gold

So that's been my only interaction with Scott O'Malley and it was on the 3rd dynamic, work, groups etc etc. And it feels good to say goodbye. No regrets. Him and his wife can go to target 2 next life.

June 22, 2013

The computation above about fucking me, is wrong. It shows to me, that this is his operating basis and it's natural, normal for him to operate this way. He doesn't think there is anything wrong with it. It's an out 2d, or cheating without cheating. Whether he has acted on it in the past with other women, I have no idea, I don't know anything about his personal life. And I personally don't need to. I don't have these computations. He's better off with a woman that has the same computations, a perfect match or fit. I have no respect for him and would never trust him. But that's just me. There are so many girls to pick from. I'm just one woman. I need a man I can respect, trust. A self made one LMAO.

Updated July 22, 2013

Scott's company CPI Solutions.

Their social media accounts:

His social media accounts:


I believe this is his current wife's social media

Scott's Ex Wife

Don't ever come near me in the physical universe, got it asshole. This bullshit game you play online is not ok and you're weird. No person of goodwill would pull this shit. You're pissed off, take it out on somebody else. I'm not your punching bag, emotionally, verbally or physically.

Updated July 23, 2013

My past lives with Scott O'Malley

Updated August 25, 2013

Dawn Blachford O'Malley

I was wrong, this is Scott's wife

Updated September 4, 2013

To Dawn Blachford O'Malley

Feel free to fuck up your husband for his sleezy bullshit flows in and out of the boardroom that day, he should have been thinking about you and your children, his family, not about fucking me. Ok.

Updated October 27, 2013

I was being nice earlier when I said him and his wife could go to target 2. In reality, both of these people won't be getting off this rock. When they both die, and their souls leave their body, chains will grip their souls and pull them back into this rock and entomb it for 1 billion years. Their transgressions in present time. They never helped mankind the 4th dynamic nor contributed to it. So no crossing the wall of fire for them and obtaining cause over their exteriorization. God's been watching them too, this whole time.

The good news is, they can be together for 1 billion years, true love. Don't worry Dawn, Scott will never ever read the ethics book ok. He's yours for 1 billion years. Take care of him and your children. May you have more. Remember don't feed them GMO's ok :)

Updated December 14, 2013

I remembered more OT3, Scott and Shelly may have been married but they were both having affairs with other people. Scott broke security policy, security protocal by having an out 2d. His mistress was Dawn. She lived near Anna Nicole Smith and Katie Holmes, backwater swamp planet LMAO I also lived near them, me & Jett had a place down there. Our hideaway from everybody, or our love nest, we cheated on each other with each other LMAO.

I'm sure had the universe not ended, Shelly would have gotten a divorce and kept it all. We all had our own planets, our families. He married into my family LMAO. Not the other way around.

I believe Dawn is his soulmate, his wholetrack 2D. He died alone, that's all I know from OT3. This is between these two people. Scott feels like Dawn left him for another guy when the universe was ending, he went to be with her and she was gone, and that might be true but it also might not be true, maybe something happened to her Scott, maybe when shit hit the fan, she died and you assumed she ran off with another guy ok. While going wholetrack on you, you assumed similiar to me, you assumed I left you for dead, when in reality, I died. I didn't come back to get you from wherever you were because I was already dead. Then you died. Shit happens in outer space Scott ok. Reality.

I believe whatever problems these two people have had, or will have in the future, they'll work it out and get thru it.

As for target 3, even if he made it off this rock, my father will see him coming a mile away in slow motion and will shoot him on site. This is between him and my father. He betrayed him and the fleet.

I know there is something else Scott doesn't want anybody to know, and that's what did Scott do to betray my father and the fleet. I have no idea, that's between him, my father, the fleet and God.

Scott like Dawn, also thinks Scientology, my religion is crap. They are both made for each other. I won't ever run into Scott O'Malley ever again, this life, next life etc etc.

And Scott, now looking at our past lives together, I'm glad I ran out my past life feelings for you and in doing so, I realized, you don't rape and kill somebody you love, you rape and kill someone you don't love and never loved. Scott is Spike in the vid above.

As for Scott, I believe he's a last life nazi, while crossing the wall of fire, I heard him say, "The Jews are keeping me down, he was yelling it, he was angry, I'm gonna assume it was said to his wife", they were probably arguing about money, wanting to move forward with their lives but the Jews were holding him back. Ok. Whatever. I believe they are both Anti Semitic, she probably agreed and went that makes sense, they are holding you down. Just cause he works for a Jew or with Jews doesn't mean he's not a past life Nazi. If he wasn't Anti Semitic that would never have entered into his thoughts, his computation, his equation. His thought process. That is the reality of it. I'm a Jew, Dawn, Scott would never want to marry a Jew ok. Nazi's usually want to kill them, blame them, hold them responsible and accountable for everything negative in their lives. I don't know if you are a last life Nazi, I have no past lives with you. None.

You can hate my religion all you want, the both of you. I don't care. I don't care about your family, your feelings, your past lives nor what you did to others in them. The people you both fucked over do.

You have to ask yourself one question, why are both of you stalking me, trolling me online for years? Only cowards do that. I might be single and by myself, but I know Krav Maga and if either of you come near me, I'll take both of you on and put both of you down and wait for the police to show up or drag your asses to the police station. I will press charges, again I don't care if both of you go to jail and your children have no mother or father and end up in foster care, I have no sympathy for either of you. You both read my story and continued to stalk me. And Arnie if you ever read this, the Simon Wiesenthal Center has already been alerted, because of Tom Cruise. Both husband and wife are in on it. Don't be fooled by either of them. Avoid them like the plague. If he or she puts the moves on you, I suggest, you get it on tape, video with sound, and court, Sexual Harrassment or worse, blackmail into a threesome, for what else, to extort money from you, your family. To make you, their victim for life.

I'm not gay and have no desire to go the other way.

Most hetro females with bff's that have gone gay with each other not because they are gay but because they want to experiment, etc etc meaning they are hetro and not gay, and there is no real love there, there is always one that is the leader and the other is the follower, or one is masculine and the other feminine. The leader chick will use that action to blackmail the follower chick into silence and/or submission. It's used as a method of control. If you don't do what I say, I'll tell so and so. This opens the door to crime and abuse. Like I said, I picked up other computations from his wife. It's quite gross. Sexually, both of these people are 1.1 on the tone scale. Covert hostility.

Updated December 22, 2013

One of the other computations I got from her was that her husband likes oral at least 4 times a week. My personal opinion is he married this woman because she's easy to control, she'll never leave him under any circumstances.

On his facebook account, there was nothing about his fraternity or college shit. They are both the same age. 43. It's that time in people's lives where they reconnect with people from school, all schools, both men and women.

She's trying to reconnect with people from her high school, in Texas. He, nothing, no high school, no college. And no picture on his facebook page. He's hiding, doesn't want to be found. In my religion he's low on the tone scale, in the hiding band. Criminality. I believe he raped someone in college and killed her based on my past lives with him. There is no statue of limitations on murder. If it was an accident, he would have come forward a long time ago. Most people that commit a real crime that weren't caught, stay below the radar. They make enough money to live and survive but not succeed. You can do background checks but only crimes they were caught for will come up. Crimes they weren't caught for, won't. Reality.

In this church there are strict qualifications, you can't belong to this church if you have real crimes in present time, that's why there is Criminon, for the criminal to rehabilitate themselves. I knew if they were a Scientologist, actively going up the bridge, and of course qualified for the OT levels, they didn't commit any crimes this life.

It also makes sense why he hates my religion, he's violated The Way To Happiness, Murder, do not commit murder. He would be out qualified to receive my religion. There is no way he can go up a bridge. He would have to do it himself if obtaining cause over his exteriorization was important to him.

I also didn't see these two people helping mankind in any way shape or form. No responsibility for mankind. Unfortunately, that is something you have to do while crossing the wall of fire or you will die.

After looking at both of their twitter accounts, my opinion is, she tweeted his dick size, two wooden spoons and a toothpick and he split from his account.

These two people have issues. I suggest they go to couples therapy and probably sex therapy, both. I'm sure he's not giving his wife back oral at least 4 times a week if she's doing it on him. Which would mean she needs balance and would go outside of the relationship to get it. There is an imbalance here with these two people. If he is not big enough for her, his penis size, I suggest he get a penial implant, after all she has breast implants.

I also suggest she change those every 1-2 years, maintenance, they leak and cause bad bacteria to grow within the body. It's a health issue. By changing them she can avoid future health problems.

It appears from the outside that he married down from his 1st wife. I suggest if they want to beat his 1st wife and her husband at the middle class heaven game, that she go to work with him at his company on a daily basis. They met at his company, and he's now a partner, she can help their company grow. She can be his co-pilot in the sales game, do cold calls, set up appointments, do proposals and accompany him to sales meetings and help him close the deals, bring in that GI to the company as a team. One unit. It will also make their marriage more fun and exciting.

While crossing the wall of fire, I heard him say, he's commited to his marriage. He doesn't want to leave his wife, I believe he loves her very very much and is in love with her. He also thought I was trying to break up his marriage. No, this is here to keep you two together.

His and her's incomplete cycle of action from OT3, he married the mistress. What they didn't get to complete their 2D, when the universe ended, they now have a chance in present time to fullfill, complete.

I also heard them screamming the President's name and blamed our President for the state of the economy. One man, they blame. Ok. It's the typical bullshit crap that is put out in the media. Our President was not responsible for the crash of 2008 nor the economy. I have a different viewpoint then these two people. I was watching congress and senate do their thing to help everybody. They helped me, one woman when everybody else was throwing everybody under a bus. Thank you, Congress and Senate.

Btw, both political parties have been alerted to this website.

Though I might think this woman is a whore, so what. That's my opinion and not against the law to have one.

I don't like his wife, because of that computation about accusing him of pedafilia because she hates my religion. The rest is secondary, and fits her tone level. I've had other hetro women that wanted me, it's nothing new here. I'm used to it.

I just can't stand this woman, this is my opinion and how I feel.

I don't know these people, and I don't trust them based on their actions of stalking and trolling me, online. Instead of direct communication, I got covert ops. That's the reality of it.

You can't save everybody and some people like these two are not worth saving. I popped on that one life with Scott with the 4 kids, because he read and remembered and when he realized that, so did I. That was a good life and great memories. I hope those memories of that one life where he didn't feel like he fucked up, will keep him warm for the next 1 billion years.

I got his comm and computations because I've had 2d's with him in past lives. I got her comm and computations because she wants to harm me. That is her true intention towards me.

Upated December 24, 2013

Don't worry, I've got it covered on my end, these two people won't be stopping me from meeting you, my soulmate this life. Ignore them both, no need to monitor. Let the cops that are looking for a 2D watch her and him. They want to save her from him, their game, suckers, these types of bitches suck them in every time, even LRH, that bitch he saved while undercover. Then she flipped on him or same shit different day.

They assume, money LMAO his, this company, after all they're cops, pensions won't be around, will need a nice payoff. Hey I know abuse when I see it dude LMAO. I've got the girl, the money, I've got it all. I'm top dog LMAO. Just remember when you get mad, I love you, you and only you. LMAO I'll see you in Scotland or hee hee.

I've blocked, everybody on this website from my personal facebook account, and changed my security requirements. They can no longer come in thru that open door. And she can't copy my likes/favs ok. I'm good. Relax babe, take a breather.

Updated December 26, 2013

I suggest if these two people don't like reading about my past lives, what is done confidentially in a church of Scientology, I suggest they sue the Church of Scientology, for what else money LMAO.Be the victims of little ole me, how this caused you emotional upset and money like you can't find a job or something LMAO.

Btw Miscavige, when Dawn, when she read that he hates my religion too, she was like ohhhh (in a baby tone), sympathy. They are a perfect match. But she got it, some other guy will read it and get it. All women know this LMAO it's built in LMAO Scott, no emotion, nothing, nada, zip. He also realized he's not built for the ground floor, he's not that kind of a guy. Like I said, he's not marcab. He'll wait until it's in the physical universe, meaning he's not interested in cause over his exteriorization.

He's not part of the crew, that sets shit up, like the universe LMAO. We go first, best of best, elite. He's not elite. Never was, never will be. Yeah, both criminals, implanted up the wazoo, her past lives, past case, accusing men of pedafilia that aren't pedafiles LMAO. I paid that ticket in Ventura already LMAO. I felt sorry for him, I felt if I could give him a stable 2D he would be happy. Away from these types of women, that accuse men of false shit just to be right, have power and control while destroying their lives. That was my original postulate when monitoring on the ground floor. I wasn't the only one that felt this way, alot of people on my crew felt the same way. There are other women like me. I was a sucker, I got sucked into the drama rama, I wanted to help him. The reality of it is, he's a criminal, it's in his soul. He never saved anybody's life in any of my past lives with him. He only took it. Mine. Or tried to.

And Scott, no emotion, I already know what that means and how you are. Serv fac city. I'll be ready for you with my own security crew. You hit me, I hit back, counter lawsuit, and I will rip your life apart along with your entire families, Court, I'll make it long and painful. You give me a reason to wake up in the morning, to live. The thought of taking you out along with your entire family, gives me pleasure, O's LMAO. I'll have you bankrupt all companies attached to you, including your families etc etc. Total financial wipe out. All because you have to be right and try to kill me. Can't stand to see me happy and win. You hit, you don't hat and you strike without warning. You are an SP and you know it. You love it. You embrace it. So go be suppressive, that's who you really are. But I bite back and I'll take everything you love and watch you bleed in pain and not feel any remorse or sympathy. I'll get high fucking my man while I take you out in court. You'll never see it coming a mile away in slow motion LMAO.

Updated December 29, 2013

Scott's case ie past lives, killing his wives for their bullshit LMAO He gets tired of the out exchange and being used for money. His serv fac, in a rage, anger, he just kills them. Not rape, just death. Anything, not necessarily a gun, a vase, a book, choking, whatever works at that time. No release at work and no release at home keeps him angry. He'll eventually pop and kill this bitch LMAO I hope it's a bloody mess LMAO to make the papers LMAO

A mistress is not the answer to this problem. IE Sex LMAO These two people can solve their own problems as one team for the rest of their lives.

He like his lovely wife are criminals, past lives, I got his criminal computations, ie Thousand Oaks, that fire, his first thoughts, how to get a payout before property values go down, the set up LMAO Only he got mad, he realized they're not paying out, they're pulling background checks, credit checks, read emails etc etc. See Mercury insurance for more details LMAO No more scams can be run on them LMAO.

Btw Scott, LMAO I've already pulled in both you and your wife's friends on the ground floor LMAO Confirmation in the physical universe. I had to let you go, your memory so I could be free, forever.

I wish you and your lovely wife well for the next 1 billion years.

For everybody else, it's not ethical to get inolved with criminals ok, your case will turn on and kick in to stop you, it's there to prevent you from getting hurt by them, let non scientologists who are criminals like them, play with them. Ok. This life is about obtaining cause over your exteriorization. They will take that gift from you, make you crash and burn, and make you go into this rock for the next 1 billion years with them. They know they are not getting off this rock and they are jealous because you will. So they will stop you and try to stop you. Listen to your guts, instincts and don't compromise your reality not even for love.

After you unspin your case, work through it, you'll have a realization, lightbulb. That chemistry that you felt, will be gone, and you'll see them in a different light. You'll go, wow, I can't believe I even thought about having something. I'm so glad I applied my religion. Then continue on in your life and you will find a man or woman that's not a criminal, who is a cop and you can both go together to target 3. Scott was very hard for me, more then Nikki. Scott's more overt then Nikki, we had great fights LMAO I started out young with Scott in that one life. You have to start out young in your early 20's or forget it. They're both SP's on the 2D.

There's a man for me in my 50's with no baggage meaning kids. He too already crossed the wall of fire. He's gonna be my soulmate this life. Outlfow=Inflow and Miscavige won't be stopping him. He's already left the church and did it on his own. Our past lives together, our military wholetrack. And he's not a cheater nor a liar nor a coward and he's a cop, it's in his soul. He's into monogamy like me.

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