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My Story by Kathy Gold

Rupert Murdoch

While crossing the wall of fire I remembered him too. He was a good dad. He was before Sumner Redstone. I got Rupert's comm or computation. He was making room for me, coming into one of his organizations. It's just not the road I wanted to go down. My path, my journey.

He too knows. He didn't say anything because he felt, this was Redstone's deal.

Back when, after I left Mole Richardson, I pulled in some people. All over and we talked. I was told by one person, that Rupert Murdoch will talk to you directly. You can actually have a meeting with him. I knew then he was upfront, direct, honest, I never flashed on his image.

At that same time period, I saw Sumner Redstone's image and flashed. I didn't know what it was. It was a restim but not a woosh. I never went wholetrack, I just knew to stay the hell away from him. Instincts, guts.

When I had my countess belle blog, someone swung by to check me out LMAO I later got confirmation on him, he went out with Paris Hilton LMAO. He was Jett's brother in a past life. Him and Donna D'Errico and me and Jett, we double dated. The three of us were on payroll but not Donna, they were engaged to be married, hacking city for the banks. Nikki was a bad guy in that life, him and Donna went out 2d on Jett's brother. Pam Anderson was my sister in that life. She was married to Tommy Lee. She opened up for him, classy strip tease and Tommy was like a rock a billy musician, lead singer and guitarist.

We later got our guy, jail and Donna wanted to get back together, he said fuck you LMAO and she went to jail too. Donna and Nikki have many past lives together.

This is kinda how me and Jett met, on payroll, for the government, testing for pair ups, partners, two hackers dueling it out, who can hack it first. I was qualed to work there, qualifications, you have to pass government quals, not everybody was qualified to work there. No crime. No criminal background. LMAO I kicked his ass and he fell in love LMAO.

Anyhoo, if he was wondering why he pulled me in and felt the need to check up on me, it's cause he was my brother in law in a past life. Jett's older brother.

Thank you Rupert, without your comm, I couldn't have figured it out LOL. He too was asking the same questions I was. Hope you make it to target 3. And for the record, LRH wouldn't have cared that you made your bones on Scientology like Marty Rathbun said. He would have admired you. He would have said, ok, this guy has some balls, let's play LOL.

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