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Responsibility and Case Gain

So, the Founder LRH took responsibility and accountability for his own out ethics in present time, per reports online, he went out 2d on MSH with some chick on the ship. I have no idea if it's true or not. That would be between him and his wife MSH. Both dead.

My personal opinion, he went out of present time, researching the OT levels and that chick fucked him, to recover he grounded himself in my father, the Commodore an ethical, sane man, the man LRH looked up to, admired and respected To stay in present time, he took responsiblity for his own out ethics, the out 2d on MSH, he created the marriage co-auditing, and solved this problem too for everybody else. His accountability and amends for the out 2d, not just to his wife but to his 3rd dynamic and 4th dynamic including mankind. He exchanged in abundance with his amends. He really applied conditions, naturally, normally. With MSH, after their co-audit, they did their conditions on the 2d, and the marriage hats. From there, the next book, How To Save Your Marriage. I actually bought the marriage hats a long time ago lol. After I read them, I was like gimme me a break ok lol, It's great if you are a housewife and that's what MSH was. This was their journey as a couple, his research.

In present time, David Miscavige has not taken any responsiblity for going out 2d on his own wife, Michelle Shelly Miscavige. Instead, he's come up with a new bridge.

He's not LRH, he's not an auditor, nor tech trained, he's just an executive, COB. If auditing and training were so important to him, he would have replaced himself from this post, a long time ago, and went off and did that. But instead he stayed, he loves his position of power and control, he gets off on it, his high in life, only one problem, he surrounds himself with selfless bitches, they'll tell him what he wants to hear so all the sex they have is low on the tone scale or sympathy fucks.

That's not gonna work. He's alterised the old bridge. Nope, Miscavige actually has to take responsibility and accountability for his wife, do amends, apply conditions for the out 2d, both need to be honest with each other and peel those layers, why did he go out 2d in the first place? Most guys don't just go out 2d for no reason, how did she contribute to it? They both need to apply conditions and of course the 2d co-audit, get their o/w's off in present time as well as past lives to clear the air and then repair the marriage, by applying conditions. Then come up the conditions, out of lowers.

Will that happen, no. These people only care about court, their own ass, money, power, control etc etc. They are living on the 1st dynamic and trying to have a 2d, it's never gonna work, they have no mutual trust and understanding. David Miscavige has an RJ6 case. Court. He's mob, pre earth.

Sounds like David Miscavige likes to tinker with the Bridge each time there is an unethical problem instead of actually applying ethics to it. Slowly destroying it, little by little, until one day, it will be gone.

Per Karen De La Carriere, Miscavige physically assaulted the woman he was auditing, when he was an auditor, the pre clear. His reason was his asthma medication. Did he ever do amends to this woman for hitting her? He was the auditor, he was responsible for that pc in the chair, instead of taking responsibility for her, she missed his withhold and he flipped out and hit her. That was not ok, unethical and he should have been handled then. But instead, nothing happened. Long term out ethical behavior or long term non survival behavior within this group.

If this happened to a psych, I'm sure that woman would have sued in a court of law, made complaints to have his license pulled and he would have been investigated. But nobody investigated David Miscavige's out ethical behavior. They just accepted his reason or excuse, his asthma meds. But no responsibility and accountability for his actions and he was the auditor, violation of the auditors code. Major lower conditions, long term lowers. A psych case, no responsibility and accountability for actions.

This game is over, find another game, cause over exteriorization is implanter technology, not for public consumption, only for those with high ethical and moral standards. There are more important things in life than money, it's called a soul.

For everybody else, you'll have to handle your 2d, your husband or wife cheating, the old fashioned way, hire private investigators and take them to court. Go to marriage counseling and experience it, it will either resolve or not. Your journey, your path, with your 2d. And if you have too many failed marriages, relationships, then just end cycle on it and try again, next life or until you get it right.

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