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Reputation Management

That would be handling your company's or your own reputation online. That can be quite costly. I suggest you hire a company to do that, after all they are the pros.

Now as for why reputation is a big button for people in middle class heaven, why they flip out, well in the fleet, that's how we knew what you were up to. One of your crew is bitching, we already know the rest of the crew is not happy and that whole entire ship is about to sink.

So, we'd go in and root out the people in charge who were in lower conditions. There was no amends, we already knew, treason, betrayal. So, eject and next in line, step up to run this ship. Sometimes there were people undermining the person in charge, the most closest to him or her. Sabotage, for what else, power, to run the ship.

So, Jett figured that out LMAO and restimmed everybody on their reputation, death LMAO

Now next life, it will be the same, we don't have time for this drama rama ok, we've got a new civilization to set up, planets to clear out, and implant stations to put back. OT3 continuation of. Ever wonder when you go to work for a company, the first thing they say after you are hired is welcome aboard. Well that's why. You are now part of their crew, their group.

Now if you have nothing to hide, you don't flip out on reputation. We always took both sides into consideration. Got both sides of the story. Ethics. And of course the evidence.

For a low cost method of management of your reputation, put up your own website and give your side of the story, it's that simple look at Dr. Louis Farrakhan.

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