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My Story by Kathy Gold

Religious Haters

I'm tired of these kinds of people ok, Religion is not the root cause of your fuckin problems, you are. You are responsible for your condition, your case, your past lives and your soul.

Another One

Another One

Wikipedia information team

This is interesting lol My Real Estate Broker got 1 letter of complaint and terminated my employment and that guy that complained is this guy . My broker never bothered to talk to me, nothing, just 1 complaint is all that it took. Just like that.

From The Broker

From Psycho Realtor NICK NEKOO

My response

Another Religious Hater Realtor

Another Religious Hater Realtor

My Broker, on his witch hunt, Religious Persecution, that's Religious Discrimination

Another Person that hates my religion


Hates Scientologists and Jews lol Both lol

Another Realtor

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