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My Story by Kathy Gold

Qualifications To Make This Journey

I'm clear and a student hat completion. I was in the Sea Org this life. LRH left checks and balances.

To be able to get permission to get the tech, you would have to be in the Sea Org to qualify.

To be a class 12 auditor, you have to be in the Sea Org.

David Miscavige over time, removed them all. For more than one reason. At the same time he was removing those checks and balances, he was slowly getting rid of the Missions and the mission holders.

They proved to me, by their actions that those checks and balances are gone.

David Miscavige holds a monopoly on this religion, there is no where else to go on planet earth to obtain your spiritual freedom, cause over your exteriorization. There is only one place, the Church of Scientology.

And he knows it lol

David Miscavige's RPEC for what happened to me in Aug/Sept 1998 could have been to give me copies of the bridge, both sides. He ignored. He doesn't want to make a wrong a right in present time.

You can no longer go into a Church of Scientology and cross the wall of fire. For more than one reason or more than one why.

You'll have to do it in your own home. 1st Amendment, Cross the Wall of Fire and get to Target 3. Fuck these people, leave them behind. They can die on this rock and burn for all eternity lol 1 billion years. lol.

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