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My Story by Kathy Gold


People I have emailed my story to and their response: feel free to say hi, btw guys, free action for you before target 3 time to wet your whistle if you know what I mean jelly bean lol remember safe sex lol

These type of people can not be helped with Religion
See Definition:

I have an email list, I've been building, it's not against the law to reach out to another human being. They have been receiving my email. Most people email back and just say remove lol. Need resources so I can get a better email system lol. I can only make due with the resources I have under the circumstances.

Psychos, SP's and Pyscho SP's, I will post their comm for all to read. This is why victims that have been hurt won't come forward, because of people like these people. They are extremely insensitive, numb, lower conditions. They know and don't care and continue to attack the victim. It's not ok. This is applying ethics in my religion.

Her email

She is accusing me of what she is lol or it's not the proper response to my email

My response to her

She is an SP, Suppressive Person, no remorse for attacking a victim. No responsiblity for communication no responsibility for actions. Blame the victim, she emailed me, she reached out to me, so she deserves to die, that is this person's computation. Missed her withhold, she's a past life nazi.

SP's take no responsiblity for their communication nor their actions. Psych drugs are not the answer for this woman, no, death is the best solution lol. Her life should be ended. lol

Her reply

My reply lol

It's this person's job to be polite and not attack. She wants to kill me because I emailed her. I emailed her in the past ok, and now because she found out I'm a scientologist she is threatening me.

My original email sent to her.

Psycho Realtor

Another Psycho Realtor NICK NEKOO

Another Psycho Realtor

Psycho Realtor

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