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My Story by Kathy Gold

Psychiatry in Present Time

Is based on making money. Not solving problems or actually curing their clients, if they did that, they would not have any patients. People would be happy and not addicted to psych drugs lol.

The general public goes to shrinks, they are trained and taught to seek help from these so called experts and medical professionals. But who puts their ethics in when they have violated their code of ethics, their code of conduct?

Nobody, all you have is court. Per the laws on the books, they have the power over average, normal, people. They decide who is crazy and who is not and they sure as fuck don't take any responsibility or accountability for their actions including mistakes. Nobody puts their ethics in. The usual line is, misdiagnosis. Oops, here, take another pill, that will handle it lol.

I ran into Randy Bronte, a friend from elementary school, when I was at London Financial, Larry Roberts, the crew from Hanover, left and started their own company. I spoke to Larry and he said, come on over, you can be a loan officer, you'll make lot's of money to go up your bridge. So while I was there, I ran into Randy in the hallway and we had a nice little talk. He told me, he went to college and was gonna go into this field, it was his major. He wanted to help people. He switched his major, I asked him why? He said cause, they are taught in College that if you cure your patients, they won't come back, so you'll go out of business. So you have to not cure them, so they keep coming back and you will have a long prosperous career. Randy thought that was unethical, he was like I can't do that, it's not cool. To lie to people, to make shit up, just so he could pay his mortgage, his expenses etc etc. So he switched careers, he decided he wanted to save the environment, help the planet. So he started a non profit organization for that.

These are the basics they are taught in College. They are not taught how to really help others solve their problems. They are not taught about past lives and how that effects their problems in present time nor are they taught about the GE - Genetic Entity. These two things are left out of the equation,so they will always get it wrong.

In present time, meaning the here and now, the psych hospitals are wearing the hat of Implant Stations.

They have inherited that hat. Anybody can go for free treatment, free room and board and food, and then once the money has run out, back on the streets they go. Their problems aren't solved, meaning get them working, producing, making money for themselves, paying their rent, food, solving their own problems.

In 1998 when I was in there, I just observed and compared it to what it was in 2008, the conditions of the facility itself was extremely bad, the beds, the rooms, nothing new in terms of equipment. The food changed, I noticed they were well aware of Celiac, the one thing big pharma can't cure with a pill lol. It's an actual disease, gluten. They have to give you a gluten free diet. But they fuck that up too, cause if they don't have it, you have to eat what they give you or you don't eat. I told them I have food allergies.

But the good news is, you can sue the hospital for incompetence. There's also no cameras in there, they should put them into every room, so each patient can be monitored.

The first time I was in there, the first doctor, freaked me out, I saw, him going into this other patient's room, and she was strapped in, she was out of it and he appeared to be very touchy, feely, a little too much if you know what I mean. At one point he looked like he was touching her, in her private area. Nobody stopped him.

I thought about it, for all I know, I was molested while unconscious. I read the psych report, the first one. It gave me clues.

How the fuck would I know, I was unconscious. I had just woken up after the doctor was in my room. The 2nd time I was in there, I told one of the psych nurses, male, he had a dragon tat, I told him, I'm celibate, I didn't want anyone coming into my room, trying to rape me etc etc, he said, no prob, and kept an eye on me, made sure nobody came into my room.

Now had my mother and step father wore their hats as actual parents, maybe then, we could have found out what really happened. They were too busy running game with OSA to give a shit about my well being. This is how evil nazi's really are. They didn't give a fuck about me, only how to get money from this church.

They don't go to church, they don't believe in God. The only person in my family besides me that does, was my dad. Since my father, my mother never reached for religion, has never stepped inside a church or temple. That was my dad. He took us, on a religious journey along time ago lol.

So in present time, don't trust anyone, self containment is the order of the day. Don't go to anybody for help, no police, no hospitals, no church, nobody. Do it yourself, in your own home. Be your own auditor.

Then drop the bod and get to target 3. Nobody here on planet earth is worthy of trust. They are in lower conditions, they only care about one thing, money. Don't try to change their minds, just go, uh huh lol. Blend in, and go on your way.

In the grand scheme of things, just know, this is what's suppose to happen, no need to even be in a 2D, what for, to get used for money lol. Forget it, all out ethics, out exchange assholes. Ewwww ok.

Don't worry about the people within the church, just get to target 3, each has their own journey, their own path. Tom Cruise and David Miscavige, they are fucked ok, and they know it. After they are dead, their souls, along with others will get in-fused and en-tombed into this rock for the next 1 billion years. People often wondered why it was a billion year sea org contract and not 1 million. LRH added 1 billion years to our future. So all the assholes that fucked us and mankind including Nikki Sixx, Sumner Redstone, Rupert Murdoch, Tom Cruise, David Miscavige, my mother by DNA and her husband etc etc, we wont' see them for 1 billion years lol.

You can't kill a soul, but you can infuse and en-tomb it into a rock. They are all degraded beings lol and don't have cause over their exteriorization. Just know, that was the past, new games to play, games never played before. How fun will that be, to not see it coming lol New obstacles, new hurdles, but old souls, my soulmate. Too cool. New parents, real parents who love me, are not using me for something lol A real loving home. A real federation that cares about it's people. Real psychs that care about the general public, real police that save lives, real teachers that care about students instead of trying to fuck them.

Btw, this woman is not the exception to the rule. There is more female pedafiles

When I was in there the 1st time, it was the year 1998, I was in the computer industry, internet industry lol Some of the psych nurses, females, they were going on and on about the year 2000 and how that was gonna end everything lol. I wasn't introverted, they asked me, point blank, aren't you afraid and I was like no, I had to explain to them, how shit works lol. They did it on purpose, they assumed it would introvert me, easier to control lol I had to laugh. What a bunch of bozos, going around doing this to patients.

It was unethical. There was an old lady there, like 80 years old, she was so scared, she litterly ran over to me, and grabbed me, she wouldn't let go of my arm, her IV was still in her arm. Alot of of scared people in there were coming towards me lol. They felt safe in my presence. Just by being myself. And I have no degree as an expert or nurse or doctor lol I'm just a wholetrack psych.

I remember, another woman, after I got off the phone, she overheard me, she was black, she got on that phone and said to the person she was talking to, you do whatever the fuck you have to do, just get me the hell out of here ok. she was on it lol she did not waste anytime, she too saw what was happening and what those doctors and nurses were doing to patients.

Basically they got paid to restim the patients, make them feel scared, introverted, that life would end, cease to exist, basically restimming people on OT3, when the universe ended.

As for Bio Psych Drugs lol My DNA won't bond with it lol but everybody else's will. Oh well, huh lol It will re circulate in their body like LSD and will constantly keep that individual out of present time, introverted, each time they try to exteriorize or exteriorize, they will hit implants. They will either die or not. Run on them or not. Get sick or not. So many variables, too many to count. lol

Sure, people will be confused, lower conditions. Won't understand etc etc, but that's not my religion's problem lol That's psychiatry's problem, they wanted the hat of handling man, now they have it lol. They are responsible and accountable, for all the abuses, mistakes, etc etc. There is a flip side, by taking government money, they as a group are beholden to honor their word, their promise to the human race lol.

And well, at the end of the day, each individual that didn't do their amends or took responsiblity and accountability for their mistakes, abuses of power, unethical behavior, etc and those mistakes, abuses of power, unethical behavior etc lead to a bigger mess lol. Oh O, oh Shit lol That person's soul is fucked for 1 billion years.

Now that is Justice, Karmic big time. Nobody is off limits.

And I can honestly say, I had nothing to do with that lol I don't work in that industry, but everybody else that does will have to be responsible and accountable for the decisions and actions they made, including Big Pharma. You think side effects are bad now lol just wait, it will get better. It will kill people at a younger age.

The continuation of the status quo, that dwindling spiral. So, no more procreation, GMOs' and more people dying, well that handles the over population issue but at the same time, you just wiped out the human race, mankind, the 4th Dynamic. And I am not responsible or accountable. The people that did are. They will have to answer to God. Their path, their journey to walk. They knew, they have all the medical studies, and they still do the wrong thing. One thing about Big Pharma, you can always count on them to do the wrong thing, not the right thing lol. Their souls come with a price, even the receptionist that answers their phone. They will find out at the end, the bitter end. Not our problem, they made this mess for money, they brought this into mainstream for money, for their business, their industry.

David Miscavige and Marty Rathbun couldn't figure out why the last main thing LRH did was The Way To Happiness lol They couldn't figure it out. They are not wholetrack psychs, implanters lol.

People put way to much faith into science and not enough faith in God, they put their hands, lives in others. It's too late for mankind, as this planet slowly dies, so will mankind, the 4th Dynamic. Oh well, the people that have no ethics and morals cause they sold it, along with their soul for what else, money lol are fucked. The rest, we move forward to Target 3. The Good Go Free.

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