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My Story by Kathy Gold

Psych Ops or Psychic Cops lol

In my past lives, I worked for our govenrment, in the US Federation, I was part of psych ops crew, psychic cops. That's what the new program was called.

There was 24 of us, 12 men and 12 women. We were very young when we routed into psych ops. It's like the secret service, but different.

My mother in that life was the first lady of psych ops lol. She started the program lol

We were all paired up, and most were gay.

Our government invested alot of time and money into our training. We agreed, me and Jett to come back in the event of our death and continue playing that game. It was part of the contract we signed.

We both loved that game, best game ever lol

It was more cost effective and affordable for our government to train us to come back to psych ops after we died than not.

The Sea Org quals now, those are psych ops quals. No sex before marriage.

Making love to get your release or O lol There are two kinds of O's

Submission and Love, real love, you get from the act of making love.

If you only have one O, your whole life, that alone will make you go nuts or psychotic.

Both O's give you balance. Jett gave me both O's lol

On the job, I got my first O's, he had to bring me into present time and we didn't
have time to go to counseling because he was late and I almost got killed ok

It was a technique, called pain and sex. All psych ops used this method for our survival and bring us into present time, sometimes you don't have time to go for weeks, months or years into counseling.

The problem needed to get solved quickly, bring me into present time and out the door, trauma, feelings had to wait until later.

You have to pop back into reality and go do your job. Our job, was undercover, major pressure.

He had to save my life and I had to save his. Pysch ops also had us use this technique to build trust
and mutual understanding. After we retired and got married, I got my 2nd O lol Thru the act of making love, and our kids.


Me and Jett didn't have sex until we were married, after we retired from psych ops.
We loved the game and after we retired, we got our pensions and had our children in middle class heaven.

Women are different then men, we don't need sex. Psych ops knew this, no sex on the job, that could get you

I was a virgin until I got married. Jett didn't mind at all lol no birth control lol and no disease lol And I got multiple O's

Psych ops quals were very tight, too tight for most people.

Only best of best elite could handle the job. Highest Ethical and Moral Standards, otherwise they died.

I looked like this and but different.

My psych ops days, John Barrowman look familiar to anybody? He resembles Tom Cruise and is an actor, who was born in the UK and grew up in the US. He has no british accent. He's also gay.

Tom Cruise gay rumors, hmmm could it be a case of mistaken identity?
Perhaps, people made love with John and then said it was Tom Cruise?

I don't know him in present time nor have I met him lol Nor am I gonna. Can you see my conflict between these two people.

One was my cousin from OT3 and the other psych ops crew and he was one of my kids too.
We just routed him back to psych ops, he loved that game, it was his game too.

Security is 1.1 covert hostility on the tone scale lol Gay people fall in that catergory too,
or undercover lol covert ops lol

Gay security are the best at figuring shit out, they go a-z, you have to be quick on your feet and when you're undercover, the pressure is on, major pressure, if you are found out, you will get taken out of the game. So mums the word lol or zipping it or withholding it, to save your life.

When you're getting auditing, you're not suppose to have sex during that time period, it can fuck up your case.

So for my gays, when crossing the wall of fire, no sex or start, change and stop. You can do it after lol

Gay men to get a balance, their 2nd O, have sex with women. It's totally ok, it's natural and normal. It's the act of love between a man and a woman.

Most gay men, with the approval of their spouse, do this with a female friend. If they don't most likely they'll go nuts or psychotic.

This is how they have a stable 2d with members of the same sex for a lifetime or life partner.

Not all gay people are promiscuous or cheat. And promiscuous would be like 100 or more lovers in one lifetime ok.


Updated June 21, 2013

There's a red on white tech bulletin called Pain and Sex, I never read it, I just remember the title, I flipped it while crossing the wall of fire. Pomm and Jon Mackinder would go on and on and on about this bulletin, like it was the end all be all ok. And as you can see, this technique works, if done properly, to bring you into present time and get back to work. We didn't apply this technique at the crime scene, no, either Jett took me out of the environment or I took him. Usually a dive or dump of a motel. Afterwards, a shower and out the door. Back to HQ. We also didn't stay there for hours and hours, maybe 30-45 mins tops. You try getting almost killed and at the very last minute, second, your partner shows up and saves your life. Un ties you and carries you out of there and to safety. You're not fully awake, in the moment, kinda unconscious and of course battered and bruised, bleeding, maybe even broken bones. So, bring the partner into present time, meaning they are fully awake, with you and there. Then shower, clean up, and split. In and out. Back to HQ, to debrief and sec checks to make sure nothing was missed, left behind, an examination from the doctors and then after everything is A ok, I can go home, get some rest. Cause the next day, new job, new assignment.



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