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Positive Case Gain on the 2D

So, I had to unspin my case on the 2nd dynamic. While I was crossing the wall of fire, I pulled in Scott O'Malley, a fluke, a happenstance. I knew there was bad past lives with him where I loved him, was in love with him and I died. Psych ops days was one. Me and Jett were doing security for the mob, on their payroll, and Scott was marrying Dorothy (she was the Marketing Person at 1928) it was an arranged marriage. I was her security and Jett was Scott's. After the marriage I got moved over to Scott's and Jett got moved over to somewhere else. Me and Jett were partners as in like cops, partners on the job.

Anyway, I fell in love with Scott. So I went to psych ops and his father and asked both for permission to marry him. They both approved. Scott's father said it had to be Scott's decision, his own free will. He had to end his marriage on his own, with no involvement with me, otherwise, Dorothy's father would use me as an excuse to go to war with Scott's dad and he didn't want that. So I zipped it.

Dorothy and Scott, hated each other, arranged marriage. They had kids but started sleeping with other people. Both wanted out.

I'm not sure what occurred but one day, Scott pulled me off post, my job and basically kidnapped me and beat me to death. It wasn't pretty. I never had sex with him. I was waiting for his marriage to end and I was hoping me and him would get married. He knew I worked for psych ops, duh.

All I remember is that I was chained and beaten. I couldn't tell him, the people he was with, that were involved would have spilled it and it would have lead to his death. So I just closed my eyes and allowed him to kill me. I never told him, how I felt nor what was going on between me and his father.

It was ok, I had a contract with Psych ops and I honored it. So I went back home to psych ops, where I met Jett again. It worked out fine. Jett got killed by that whore bitch over at technicolor LMAO. She did something that got him killed.

I moved on next life. Psych ops had me trace it down, to handle past life feelings, so I wouldn't have stuck attention on it and I could do my job. I watched him from a distance, he got a divorce from Dorothy and eventually met and married another woman. He was very happy, they had a big wedding, in a church, it was very pretty. I knew, he never loved me, there were no feelings put into his PR, I looked for clues, hints, anything, but there was nothing. So I moved on and let him go.

Updated June 19, 2013

So today, I'm in the hallway at about 2:00pm where I was working at, guess who I ran into, saw. Astra Woodcraft. She was waiting to meet with this woman, very pretty, olive skinned, dark hair, brown eyed woman. These people just moved in there, like 48 hours ago. Astra had what looked like a manila file folder in her hand that she was holding. I didn't know it was Astra, I saw her and I said to myself is that Astra? That woman looks familiar. The pretty woman came out, both dressed conservative, skirts below the knee, office conservative. So the woman goes, Astra and Astra goes yes and they shoke hands and walked towards that woman's office. Astra was also with a tall old man with grey hair.

What are the fuckin odds ok? I have no idea who these people are or why Astra was there. I just happened to be there at that moment in time.

As for this woman, maybe she's a reporter, well then she can go fuck Scott O'Malley ok. A few days ago, I got a mental image picture of him in bed with another woman, she looked latin, dark hair, thick and brown eyes, like the woman Astra met with. At first I was pissed ok. I went to lunch, I sat in my car and in front of me a black car looked like a limo but wasn't pulled up. I realized later, I'm running my case, psych ops.

As security we couldn't get involved in the drama rama even though we knew about it. Security's weakness, we fall for the people we are helping, we're on their side, have their back. In the end, these drama rama people fuck us, so we've learned not to get close ever again. Death.

My thought as I was sitting there in my car, I can see this coming a mile away ok, I'm gonna leave, that woman in my office will run into that woman, who I told about this site and of course Scientology will come up and she'll go to my website and go hmmmm Scott O'Malley, let's check him out cause he's not a Scientologist and she can get closer to celebs like John Rzeznik and Nikki Sixx, interview, PR, I'm doing a story about Scientology and he'll be like great, my PR, come on over LMAO one thing will lead to another cause these reporters, remember General Petraeus, and he'll go fuck her ok. It's a no brainer. I can read about it later on somebody's website ok. Cause that woman's story won't run, not about me LMAO it will be killed by more then one entity or corporation. SOP. But Scott won't care, he's a cheater so he'll go for it, stars in his eyes. I can't even remember what he looks like, he's a faded memory. I do remember flashing on that mental image picture, those two people fucking, and it hurt. So probably that woman from that past life where we were married and he cheated, took a mistress is the woman above. Not the past life above, different time, we were doing corporate espionage, our company, nothing illegal, we handled the back doors of corporations, their leaks where people were stealing their trade secrets.Now they can rekindle the past, you know cause he pulled her in. LMAO Thank god, I won't ever see him ever again.

Updated June 22, 2013

So, in the life above where Scott killed me and I was in love with him. His father was on his deathbed, on his way out, Scott asked him about me. He had nothing to lose and wanted to know the truth. He didn't want to upset the balance of power and his relationship with his dad. Scott's viewpoint. His dad told him the truth, and gave him the approval in writing, dated and signed. Then Scott confessed to his father, to feel better. To his father it was a mystery solved. But it didn't sit right with him cause his father had a shit load of fines, he had to pay to psych ops, Scott cost him, his father millions for killing me.It was on his time, his organization and nobody could be found. Psych ops put 2&2 together. And of course me and security checks helped too LMAO. His father and me were working on numerous ops, to get to the real bad guys. This was what we were working on, for Scott's benefit and of course his children.

After that, new policy and procedure went into play. No more outside 2d. If it wasn't within psych ops, it wouldn't get approved. To much of a risk and liability for both psych ops and the mob. The mob agreed. And so did all crew within psych ops.

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