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My Story by Kathy Gold

Pirates R Us

When me and Jon Mackinder were together. We talked about our past life where we were pirates. We were married, we had children. The comm cycle wasn't too long, it didn't go on and on for months ok. I was upset with him in that past life, I felt he was stupid ok a moron, we both had money that we made, after I left Nikki, I went on my own. Remember I was a pirate too. I met Jon and we went and did our thing, treasure shit like that. So, we retired and got married and had kids. A nice little mansion on the beach in the caribbeans like in this movie. Lloyds of London ring a bell for anybody. Jon got involved in insurance and he would go out of town, to England. I would stay home with the kids.

Well, he ended up losing our money ok, and he died and I was left widowed with no money and the kids. Jon told me, he knew I would be ok. I was pissed off at him in present time because, he didn't give a fuck about me then to not lose our money and get killed. Jon didn't give a fuck about anybody but himself and yeah he was probably cheating on me with Juliette Lewis, not a pirate but a bar wench ok, a whore. Wow, alot of women did that LMAO.

I was ok after that, I came from a good loving family, my mother was like fuckin finally, she hated Jon. But, I was ok, I sold the mansion and started again. So before me and Jon, there was Nikki. I came on board his ship and we got togther. I loved him, was in love with him but he didn't want to settle down and I was ready to. So on my journey, I got his mental image pictures ok, I figured it out. He set up Jon Mackinder in England, while I was at our home. He was monitoring our communication, my communication of course he was still with other women ok. But something made him decide to come for me. I have no idea what that was but he set up Jon Mackinder, he took his money, business debts, LIoyds of London, failed business dealings, ships that sunk. I suspect business deals, which I told Jon in in present time, I think you were set up. He agreed. I told Jon that I thought he insured some ships that were sunk on purpose to kill two birds with one stone. Me and Jon talked about which ones to insure and how it worked You won if they didn't sink ok. So whoever it was, knew ahead of time it would sink for more then one reason, and knew you were the sucker to insure it.

But I also felt like Jon was stupid and didn't see the set up coming and allowed it ok. He was there, he dealt with these people directly, could see their indicators, plus he was a pirate too. Ok.

Jon knew who Nikki was and our history, he also knew that I knew these guys, I worked with them. So he went like other pirates before him and went into that biz. But it never dawned on him to watch his back. He didn't care ok. He assumed he was safe and he fucked some of these guys over, he assumed he has money and he would be ok. I on the other hand knew not to trust any of them. You fucked one of them over, they will fuck you in the end and not in a good way. I knew how they operated. I just didn't know Nikki was up to his old tricks, I assumed Nikki and me, were over. Done and he moved on. I didn't know he was waiting for the perfect set up. I really didn't think Nikki loved me or was in love with me, he never showed it on any level cause he moved on with other women. I just assumed he never loved me and I needed to move on if I wanted to achieve my goals, family, retirement, so I did, I moved on with Jon. Nikki was with Courtney in that life too, she was one of many women. I got comm on him through out the years, so I knew who he was fucking when, I always heard about it from somebody, I had alot of comm lines, alot of good pirates were my friends.

Anyway, Jon also got killed for not paying his debts, you have to pay up after one of those ships sinks ok, right there and then and he was way over. Triple if not more then the usual. And he didn't have it, so up and comins at last on him, he fucked over some people, he broke his agreeements with some people that he shouldn't have and when he least expected it, he couldn't talk his way out of that. And I'm sure he was getting blackmailed, he went out 2d on me and of course Nikki had something to do with it. I don't know how, cause I wasn't there. I suspect he was fucking Juliette Lewis too. But Nikki was on his way for me, with my money of course. But he got killed, his ship, a storm. His crew was my friends, they told me as I was selling my mansion. They were looking for work, the guys that survived. All those years he waited, watching, stewing, missing me and then he was coming. But in the end he died, he never made it to me.

I sold my mansion to support the kids and I took lovers. I loved being a pirate. I love pirates but pirates who can make it go right. As for Nikki, I was saddened, I loved him, I was in love with him, he just didn't want to settle down and stop the pirate life when I wanted to. Our conflict. So he took other lovers for years, gave them the best years of his life, also he couldn't have kids. He had none. I suspect he wanted me to have the kids so it wouldn't be an issue. His plan ok. But then when it was our time, unexpected circumstances beyond our control, storm at sea on his way to me.

So that was our pirate days. After I got the bounty, the loot, the jewels, the goods, I wore them naked, our fav. I did that with Jon too. Me and Jon would talk about it. And just so you know Nikki, this poem was about Scott who is not a pirate. Not you.

I was mad at him cause he took too long and then got taken out of the game. I knew he was coming for me, I could feel him. I'm not mad anymore, I don't know him this life. We've never met. We both have our own journeys, our own paths. Different games to play with different people.

In present time Jon Mackinder fucked over some Scientologists, Shahab was one. In 1998 this was in June/July of 1998, he threatened him, if you don't give me this, then I'll do this. Shahab did nothing wrong. Jon went off the rails on money. Jon assumed he could hold people hostage with their websites, hosting etc etc. David Miscavige already knows, it's in the KR's I wrote. Shahab was cool and my comm line, he had a website, online games and he was also OT8. He was really cool. I went over to his business after shit went down, Nov/Dec 1998 Shahab never knew what happened. I never said a word, I just wanted to make sure Jon Mackinder was off his lines. And he was. Shahab came to me to do, and Jon was going to be part of that because of me.

And Miscavige, did you find the Gold yet? LMAO Have you figured it out yet? LMAO You anti semitic prick LMAO

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