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My Story by Kathy Gold

People's Weird Computation

I don't want to help her, she's gonna die anyway, so why help her lol It's easier for me to just wait until after she's dead, then I can cash in too. Her death will be a win win for me.

This is not the normal computation or pro survival computation. No. The correct computation would be, let's help this woman win, if she wins, we win. Her death is not really a win win. But her survival, meaning her life is.

The free PR, or Goodwill alone will carry for a long time. This person or this company or this corporation helped this woman win in the game of life. It's called an exchange. We helped her, she lived to help others, world wide. That's call marketing, goodwill, public relations. Real public relations.

For example if Starbucks was a sponsor, they would receive alot of benefits:

1)Show They Support Free Speech
2)Show They Support Religious Freedom
3)Show They Support Social Responsibility

As long as my life continues, they will receive unlimited Free Public Relations. They would always be included on the website and the PR.

As I come up the conditions, sure sponsors change and then again, they don't. They might love it so much, that they decide to stay, for the rest of my life. Why not, I love their coffee, who doesn't lol.

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