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Pedafilia and Psych Drugs

When you put little kids on psych drugs, the drugs are so powerful, it takes that kid out of present time, meaning into a past life and keeps them there. The longer they take these drugs, the more damage is done to them. Eventually, they will be stuck in a past life that looks similiar to life now in present time, they won't be able to differentiate, tell the difference. Hence they will allow a pedafile to get close to them.

Psych drugs are used to control emotion, behavior, feelings. Pedafilia is long term manipulation, hidden, veiled. If the child gets out of line, hey that kid is crazy, they are seeing things, hallucinations.

Solution, more psych drugs, and the cycle continues long term, sexual abuse of a child. That child will be labeled as crazy, mentally ill for seeing things. When in reality, that child is out of present time, stuck in a past life.

Most children, don't endure under this kind of evil, they die. It's too much for them to take, and their past lives where they died comes into play, and they die.

It's more pro survival for that child to die and go pick up another body then to be someone's sexual slave. The urge is survival. To live. Not to die a slow painful death at the hands of a pedafile by being sexually abused for the rest of their lives.

Most psychs won't know this, won't ever look for this. They are not trained in this. Past lives and the GE were taken out of the equation. So when you drug your children to calm them down, stifle their feelings because you can't handle them acting out, just know, you are contributing to their death, long term. That is the reality of it. It's your job as their mother or father to help your children, maybe it's a food allergy not everything is solved by popping a pill ok. It's your job to wear the doctor hat, to know what's going on with your children, it's your job to be in comm with them. Grant them beingness, listen to them. You are the parent. Not the other way around.

It's too much work, then don't fuckin have kids. Nobody put a gun to your head and forced your to have children. You have children because you love them, not because you want to fit in to middle class heaven and keep up with the Jones ok. They are not your property. They are human beings.

Like I said, I'm a rebel LMAO but in a good way. I'm already crazy, I've got nothing to lose. Besides, it's fun being a rebel, we make change for the better, positive. We think different. We break convention, the rules, get people to see beyond and that's fun.

Updated July 3, 2013 In this episode, the parents have no idea what's going on with their little girl. Her imaginary friends, she keeps seeing, that are not there and they can't handle it anymore. They want it fixed. Only one problem, it's not Schizophrenia, it's a false label by stupid people who can't comprehend the GE and past lives. This little girl is hyped up on psych drugs. If there is pedafilia involved she won't survive, the odds are slim to none. Her poor parents, they are victims, maybe they should try a GMO free diet and check her for food allergies. All children are hyper, they're kids. Hormones, also what's in the baby formula? GMO perhaps, I doubt her mother read the label let alone find out what the ingredients are and what they do to infants. This child can feel it.

Updated July 14, 2013

Update September 5, 2013

Updated September 22, 2013

It's time for them to do amends for this abuse, they admit guilt, fault, responsibility, now, amends time, accountability, otherwise, it's just an empty apology, meaningless.

Updated October 27, 2013

A few years ago, when I had that other facebook account, Graham Berry did a petition to the White House, at that time they only needed 5k signatures to have their story heard. The White House got such an overwelming response from us, we the people, they changed it to 10k people and then 25k people.

They read Graham's petition, but did not proceed to investigate, why, Graham never got them the evidence, never presented the case properly to the White House. Just his side. His viewpoint. Basically he asked they get investigated and they said no. I'm sure if Graham got them the evidence and showed them, they would have said yes. When presented with evidence and a voice, law enforcement will comply. Even our Commander in Chief needs evidence before he moves forward on anything. Nobody just yells and screams, investigate, investigate and people go, sure, no problem, I'm right on it. To the White House, it was noise.

If you want action, I suggest you get the evidence, video, date & time stamped. Then present your case. Videos don't lie.

I never signed that petition, I didn't agree with it.

Instead I tweeted the President directly. See Justice

I'm currently mulling over a petition to the President to handle this psych drug issue and the fostercare kids.

The current threshold is now 100k people.

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