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My Story by Kathy Gold

Past Lives and Future Lives

So, you have past lives, memories, you keep with you. How about your future lives. Nobody ever takes those into consideration when making their computations. What will happen to you next life?

How will you survive as this civilization disappears? Where will you go? Into this rock for 1 billion years or target 2, target 3 etc etc.

While crossing the wall of fire, I decided, the fleet next life. If I could go today, I would, it's my game.

While this civilization goes down that dwindling spiral, what will you do? What will happen to your soul?

You can pray and hope all you want but God, helps those who help themselves LMAO

And yes, David Miscavige if he doesn't go into this rock by a miracle, LMAO he'll be mine to hunt down for future experiments in the hidden implant stations. Delish, I'll own his soul, he'll never see me coming LMAO actually everybody connected to what happened to me, I will own their soul, including Jon Mackinder LMAO

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