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My Story by Kathy Gold

Pacific Home Works

I did some tele marketing for them in 2010 but, one day, I was gonna be late getting to work, so I called them on the phone and their phone was disconnected, I assumed they went out of business. I went to their website and it was still up, I never got a check. But I found this ad, they are still around.

They owe me $300.00, I think, I can't remember exactly it's been over 2 years, what are my options, court.

It's not my fault they didn't pay me. It was their job to pay me and I was the employee or independent contractor.

They are still in business. What are my options other than court? None. So, I'll just let eveyrbody know my side, my story. And this had nothing to do with OSA. Please OSA does not have the resources.

So, who knows what they did, I have no idea, they never called me to tell me their side of the story, their phone was disconnected. Later I found out, after talking to this woman her son is in the web industry, a graphic designer, she said oh, everything is fine, I'm still working there. Nobody reached out to me, they just blew me off. I'm sure she told them and they never bothered nor did they pay me what was owed, the money that I earned.

So, I continued on in my journey of getting ripped off by employers, who wants to work here? Help them make money only to get fucked in the end because of their out ethics and crimes in present time. I don't know.

Not interested in supporting an out ethics organization.

Updated Saturday, December 1, 2012

I called them 3 days ago and left a message, they never called back, it's their job to return their phone calls, they have many options and chose not to.

Updated August 13, 2013

As of today, still no check. But it is owned by the same person Preferred Builders, the guy I worked under here, his name was Danny. The guy I worked under in Tarzana that moved to Reseda next door to that collection agency was Ted, day shift Dennis. Both companies owned by Moshay. Moshay was a dad in a past life, where I was a race car driver, cross country. Great dad in that life, but shitty business owner in present time. I got your computations, he was listening to my outbound calls, to eval LMAO To figure out what's wrong in his biz, who's getting leads and whose not and why LMAO. Grabbling with your conscience ain't gonna help you. I don't think you're gonna get off this rock LMAO no target 3 for you.

Fucking over your peeps, your employees, btw do you live in a mansion too?

Their admin is out, they don't give a fuck about their employees, if they did, they would have sent me, the money they owe me. it's all about them, money. So that $300.00 they owe me, will recoil on them. I'm not the only person they did this too. Remember the IRS is not to far behind, did you pay your IRS taxes to them, the money you took out of our checks for taxes, did you pay them? Oh well, must suck to be you huh LMAO. Btw Ofer, I don't think things are gonna turn around for you, how will you work when this company is out of biz? Who will hire you? I guess nobody, you'll be bleeding in the streets LMAO.

These people move shit around every fuckin week, and made Ted and Dennis responsible, yelling, screaming, Ted was already overrun on the suppression of it all. He was like I don't give a fuck, blow it up LMAO. Dennis, well it trickles downward. But Ted loved to give Yancy a hard time, yelling for no reason, he just asked a question. He did the same thing to me, but I was immune to it. I already ran my case and had to laugh LMAO.

Keep monitoring ok this website, got the jitters yet? Cause I know, I got your computation already on how you're gonna make your get away off this rock. LMAO.

If you try to come at me, you know court LMAO I'll find your crimes in present time, expose and spin you in, you're whole fuckin family. I'm marcab like you. I'll kill you off in court and take all your assets, even the hidden ones.

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