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My Story by Kathy Gold

Out Qualed PC's - There is a solution

If you started your journey with psychiatric drugs first and then made your way to the church, you would be out qualed, or not qualified to go up a bridge. You have to show to the church that you take responsibility and accountability for your actions. You are not not like Private Manning who betrayed the Army, that was treason, lower conditions.

It can feel weird to be an Illegal PC, that's what they call it. You aren't allowed any auditing. You can only do training, to learn how to do it yourself. Be an auditor and/or C/S (Case Supervisor) I personally felt like, that's not cool, you just invalidated their life, their journey, cause they didn't find you first lol ok or they didn't disseminate so the person never found out about it. Yeah exactly, that's insane ok. And nobody should be made to feel that way. Not even someone in Africa or other parts of the world.

As nice as this building is

It costs here in the US $100k or more to go up a bridge, some families can't even feed themselves let alone pay for their bridge. How will they cross the wall of fire and go set up the African Federation? Or only rich people get to do this religion?

Alot of people can cross the wall of fire in one lifetime, not come back to a dying planet to repeat the bridge over and over again. That's insane. I'm sure that's what happened to the 8 million people, that were scientologists 20 years or more ago. They left, and aren't coming back. They too figured it out, they're just not here to communicate this to you.

People get misdiagnosed all the time. It's not your fault that your doctor made a mistake, people make mistakes. Just because your doctor made a mistake doesn't mean, you can't cross the wall of fire and have cause over your exteriorization.

And the church knows this too. When I was working at Health Med, there was a sea org project being done, how to be able to do the bridge even though you have a history of taking psych drugs.

You might not be able to do it within a church for numerous reasons, money, time, they won't allow you onlines, they disapproved your petition because someone in that organization didn't like you or maybe you pissed off Tom Cruise, so therefore they deemed you not fit to obtain spiritual freedom.

All is not lost, you can do it yourself. It starts with the purif. Jon Mackinder did a purif himself, he didn't have the money, he bought the book Clear Body, Clear Mind, read it, paid for the C/S's time for his folder and did the purif himself.. He never did drugs this life, so I believe it took him 2 weeks.

Now, what if you took the new drugs, that dissolve under your tongue. I don't know. You'll have to experiment. Trial and error. I can only tell you my experience, what I felt, what I experienced, what it felt like to experience these things etc etc. Cause crossing the wall of fire is not a 24 hour thing, it can take years and in that time you have to be able to work, eat and pay rent.

Have your basics in, food, water, shelter, your ethics in, pro survival. Apply your ethics book. Ethics, Tech and Admin.

Updated September 15, 2012

Get out of middle class heaven, pay off all your debts, no more credit cards, otherwise, bounty will be coming for you and they will kill you off. Remember, they only care about money, they don't give a fuck about you. Or follow my lead, let them place those judgements, liens, public record, then hunt them down, take them out of the game and get your release LMAO

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