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My Story by Kathy Gold

Our Tribes

After I left Mole Richardson, I was like, what am I gonna do? I know I wanted to get back into the game, besides the ecommerce store, I wanted to do something else too. You can always do more than one website game. I had an idea, an intranet, an internal internet for families.

I even hired a php programmer, designed it , launched it, used it. But I knew it wasn't my thing, my passion. The colors were Blue and White lol. You know LRH has policies where more than one person has the same idea at the same time lol I always wondered about that lol. Now I know, past life comm lines. On the same page as souls.

You know if Hollywood realized this, there would be less lawsuits lol. People fighting over their stolen ideas lol I had the same idea, he/she stole it, I just know they did lol. Hmmm I wonder if they were famly in a former life. lol. Too funny.

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