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Oprah Winfrey

I personally like Oprah. I've watched her shows over the years. I'm not a housewife so it was either when I called in sick or late at night after the 11:00pm news.

My mother in present time, she hated Oprah. I mean really hated her. I didn't understand why. I get it now. She's racist and is extremely jealous of her because she has money, I mean alot of money ok, Oprah is rich lol.

Yet this same woman would have no problem going on the Oprah show to promote and market her products. That's how these types of people operate. They will use you to get what they want lol.

I remember watching the Oprah show where she and Gayle went on a drive, thru the US, I saw her indicators, I also heard the names she was called, editiing let that slip lol. She too, this rich and powerful media woman, discriminated against for more than one reason. She still gets discrimated against because of her skin color and she's rich ok.

Then when I was crossing the wall of fire, I watched that Oprah show, the one where she did the one about the pedafiles getting sent to an island etc etc. Then she interviewed a sexual predator. I saw her indicators then too, her hands were under her legs, stiff as board and pissed off as hell. I also saw, an interrogation, she really wanted this guy to crack lol and he wouldn't, which pissed her off even more, he wouldn't admit to being responsible or accountable. It keyed in her own case in present time, where her father's friend did this to her. She got no release or resolution.

At this same time, Kitty Kelley was doing this book thing on her too and went to her father. A tell all dirt book and that also brought up the lawsuits coming from africa, one of the girls got sexually molested at her school and I think they were doing civil and she settled.

I also remembered how, some of the girls she adopted, not legally, just her kids and sent them to boarding school and paid for it in the UK. I think some of those girls wanted to or were thinking about suing her, for what else money, they're using her and don't give a fuck about her. They're not stupid, they know they are not her kids by DNA and that Oprah doesn't have any kids. They assume they can blackmail her for money.

I picked up some of the girls computations. That would be called a betrayal. Here's this woman, that cares enough about you to help you, with no strings, has grown to love you and all you can think of, is how to get some money out of her, so you can sit on your ass and take her for a ride.

If Oprah was my mom, either legally or not, but that kind of a comm line, I would be stoked. Not cause she was rich but because she would have the funds to fund my dreams, of helping others, like me. That is how I would give back to the world, to mankind to make this world a better place. Those girls in those schools, are suppose to grow up and help their country and the world. But I don't think that's gonna happen. Failed purpose for Oprah. Betrayal, rage, pain, OT 3. Oprah, use your rage on the way out ok. lol.

David Miscavige and his management team assume Oprah is fucked up cause she was molested by her father's friend, is too entrenched in this psych shit, her case and she's an animal, she went back to Africa, her GE to help lol. She's moved by her GE not her soul. They're not gonna be servicing her anytime soon lol Just like Michael Jackson. David Miscavige is no fool with this shit. And yeah, one of the girls in OSA/RTC/CC Int. has a fantasy of auditing Oprah lol. So then she could clear the planet. lol

That's what they really think of her. I on the other hand, well I think she's great, but her journey is her own, it's her soul, her path to walk. If I was doing that journey with her, I would say, mom, let's break some fuckin rules, let's make sure, Africa is GMO free and our brothers and sisters go set up the African Federation. That's the game I would play with her.

But then again, I'm a rebel and she's not lol. It's tough to be at the top on planet earth target 1, lawsuits lol.

Kudos to Zimbabwe and Kenya, you guys have it right, I have a feeling, you'll be setting up the African Federation. lol Don't ever give up. Your people are depending on it, don't ever bow, keep you head up and I'll see you guys there.

Remember, these same people that endorse this product, GMO, don't eat it everyday, themselves. And make sure not to feed your baby, your children's children won't be able to reproduce. Go on your guts, your instincts, how many times has the white man betrayed you?

I would have also said to her, hey mom, wtf? You should also help America, the country where you were born, fuck these lawsuits, I'll run ops on everybody that tries to stop us. What about our own backyard, huh? We can't just help people in Africa and not in the US because of lawsuits, it's not ok. There are alot of people that need our help here too, let's not forget about them ok lol. Let's play lol.

I hope to see you on Target 3, somebody's gotta set up those implant stations and they can't all be men lol Whose gonna handle the new pedafiles? Put in some new rules perhaps?

Btw, when I get glum I remember those girls, whose whole families died and they woke up one day alone, orphans or heads of their households with nobody to take care of them. I saw that special where Oprah went to Africa and the girls, all they asked for was uniforms, for school but they too had more than one reason, lol fleet. It's a little secret we'll all keep. I'll see you girls and guys on target 3. lol Shhhh, they'll never figure it out.

Many have tried, they have tried and died. There is a place terrifying to them, RTC, this is the place they can not look lol. When the universe ended. Only people of high ethical and moral standards can cross the wall of fire and succeed.

Apply your basics and cross the wall of fire. We go first, best of best elite. lol. Remember, I don't know you, I've never met you lol. Either play the game or go home. No seriousness here. The call of duty runs strong within your soul, it's who you really are, like me, the fleet and remember

Some people from Africa, already left and are on their way. I pulled them in on Twitter. Sometimes people don't have time to train and learn and have to go. They too have been reading online about my religion Scientology for years and I gave them their confirmation. Their main beef, you want us to wait till they get here lol gimme a fuckin break, we're outta here lol.

They crossed the wall of fire, dropped the bod and split lol. They are already on their way to target 3. Why come back to a dying planet? They were no fools. I don't know from what region or what part of Africa, I just know they were all in Africa. lol. So, we win either way lol. You can not keep us here on a rock.

Updated Monday, July 30, 2012

Alot of people expect more from Oprah because of who she is. She's at the top, with that comes responsibility, nobody said it would be easy LOL

My personal opinion, 500, that's it? That's pretty low ok. How about actually helping the children in the ghettos. It would be really nice if she put her stats on her site and made it known just how many people she has actually helped. This doesn't really tell me how many people she has personally helped in the United States. And this domain is not working I guess it was a non profit and it's no longer in existence, probably lawsuits, I suspect

Or will she take the high road and zip it? You know, I don't need to dignify that with an answer, I'm Oprah. Ok, that comes off snobby not real. The truth, nothing more, nothing less.

I don't know Oprah, nor have I met her nor am I gonna. But I did watch that PR move Tom did with Oprah, when he and Katie went to dinner after shit hit the fan. His batton down the hatches cause Marty and Mike came out LMAO. Handling comm lines, making sure everything is A OK, everybody does this, in middle class heaven to cover their ass and PR, you know their money. I hope Oprah makes it to target 3. Great game to play, setting up the universe, implant stations are going back. This is how we will handle discrimination and racism.

And if you're wondering, I went straight to OT3 while crossing the wall of fire. I had a huge multi racial family, I mean big ok. The universe did not have to end.

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