Open Letter To Nikki Sixx

March 2, 2013

You know after I put 2 and 2 together, it did hurt, I had love in my heart and soul for you. You killed it. By your actions. I don't feel anything for you, nothing.

I know you think about me, ok, I'm not an idiot. We have lot's of past lives together, I pulled you in not Johnny R., but each and every past life, you betrayed me, you killed us.

Kathy Gold

P.S. Just to clarify LMAO I hold you responsible for my death, OT3 and Pre OT3, there were others that lead to the universe ending. So I don't hold you solely responsible for that. Find the others and you will have your answers. Try a good investigation to keep you in the game or not. The choice is yours.

Updated January 5, 2014

I remembered, there was one past life that was good. You didn't cheat. We retired from the force and had our kids. 4, 2 sons and 2 daughters, twin girls. There was no way you could cheat, even if you wanted to, death. I had to bust you out of jail, we were both undercover drug dealers. Think this movie My father, chief of police, did the internal investigation, you were never suppose to go to jail and we got set up by who else, Juliette, she sold you out. She was jealous of me. We were partners, long term. But you knew that going in, our back up plan if shit went south. Your brother, older brother in that life, Jett. The thorn in your side. He got me the explosives and help. My sister by DNA in that life, who you met in present time, I had to cut the comm line with her cause she really had a thing for drug dealers and would have thrown us under a bus to make herself happy. I chose you over her in her eyes. We played the game and won. It was a great life. Full of action, adventure and good drama rama.

I wish you all the best with Courtney, another sister from a past life. I don't hate you nor her. This was my journey and about my story. As you both grow old together, she will take care of you, be your nurse and never leave your side. She's more equipped to deal with this kind of stuff then me. I'm not that person, I never was. Goodbye.

Updated January 12, 2014

Btw, before I forget, you're two sons from that life with our twin girls in the music business. I spotted our sons from that life too. Not related to you in present time, meaning not your kids by DNA now. Think this movie they didn't put up with any shit, hence the constant calls from the boarding schools LMAO good times, great kids. FYI, Jett met our oldest son in that life, on the circuit, where else and they talked, he got some great advice from Jett. He told him, your father doesn't love your mother, he's just using her, if he did, your father would have never cheated on her, he would have put her feelings first in his computation, his equation.

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