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My Story by Kathy Gold

One of HItler's Architects

Look familiar to anyone?

David Miscavige values buildings more than human life. Only a nazi would have done what he did to me, cause I'm a Jew, a woman, fat, not rich, etc etc, more than one reason but his number one reason because I'm a Jew. lol. Get it. He hates jews more than anything and only thinks they are good for one thing, making money. He got off on the fact I almost died.

Sure I got approved to come back, he was never gonna let me go up a bridge. I missed his withhold. He knew I was never gonna make millions of dollars to go up a bridge. I'm too old. It was logically impossible, he was just worried that I would fuck up his PR.

Why else would the guy that runs this church watch me naked, die over and over and over again at his leisure? Meaning, watch that video of me, more than once, slow motion, with sound, no sound, my eyes, my body, my voice, my talking, my screaming, me running, etc etc.

And at the first chance, threw me under a bus again, in 2009. One of hitler's architects has infiltrated the Church of Scientology so that mankind really can't go free, to cover his crimes against humanity.

My folks, everybody that knew me, knew I was into past lives, they knew how much my religion meant to me. They wanted to cause me the most pain. That is how SP's operate. They don't change.

My mother knew I was crying all those years, she didn't care, she left me in it. She really never loved me, her only child. As sad as that is, I'll have a new mom on target 3 and her soul will be fused and en-tombed into this rock for the next 1 billion years just like David Miscavige's. It's ethics, standard ethics.

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