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My Story by Kathy Gold

Old Hollywood

So, in the old days of Hollywood, when actresses were discovered in an ice cream shop or diner etc etc. Here's how it really went lol.

The studio heads would hold auditions and based on those, they would determine if she was a good girl or a bad girl meaning, does she fuck or not, is she mistress material or marriage material?

Based on those, that's how they knew to put which girl in which movies lol. Now, here's where it get's better, if she was a good girl meaning she didn't have intercourse until she got married, that meant, she didn't chase men, men chased her lol.

But the trampy girls, they chased men lol spread their legs for anybody, for any part, bottom of the barrel. lol. So, the girls that were good girls, you had to chase them. If one of the girls caught the eye of the Studo Head, the guy that ran the Studio, the chase ensued. They would hire private detectives to get confirmation on the girls, they say and act like good girls but are they really? Don't want a PR meltdown, in Hollywood in those days, PR was everything.

Can't make an actress a star if she's a whore, ok lol. Marilyn Monroe was the exception to that rule. So, private eyes got sent out to follow the girls, did she sleep with anyone, married men, did she kiss on the first date, etc etc.

If the girl passed the test, well then, she got to be discovered at a diner or ice cream shop, that's how they knew to show up, the girls were followed, the private eyes found their pattern of behavior, at every tuesday at 2:00 pm she goes there and buys her favorite ice cream, chocolate or strawberry or whatever.

Then when the Studio head was ready, he would send a photographer down there and capture the moment. She of course would be surprised, Oh my God, my dream is coming true. She was on her way to becoming a Hollywood Movie Star and if she lasted, a Hollywood Movie Legend.

So, that's how they really found talented, photogenic actresses lol Not an accident, on purpose. Then spun the PR out of control, only it wasn't a lie, it was all true. They did find her that day, at that time, sitting there, eating her favorite ice cream etc etc.

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