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My Story by Kathy Gold

OT 15

Currently OT 8 is released. Per Marty Rathbun, senior execs up at Int management, couldn't figure out the rest of the OT Levels, like this one, those numbers are longitude and latitude, coordinates for planets etc, so you can navigate through the star systems and get to target 3, you know so you don't get lost lol. I'm sure there were exercises, drills etc.

In 1986, I was in Scott Sak's office, I was standing there by the copy machine, Scott and everybody else was at the memorial for LRH. I got a comm, it said, "Oh good, you made it" lol. I didn't know what that meant ok, the comm hit me so hard, I almost fell over ok. And the emotion was, uptone, happy not down tone. Not saddness lol

I already got confirmation from Eddie Crismani years ago. He was in AO that day and the comm everybody got was "Get up the bridge". I got a different comm, and I didn't know why, I had to figure it out lol.

Assholes in Hollywood, you downloaded the OT Levels, you watched these videos and put them into your screenplays to make money, guess what, you're all fucked lol You sold your soul for money lol creativity, inspiration, my ass. Thieves and I bet you anything they hate my religion lol It's not a cult assholes, it's a religion. Cause over your exteriorization. I'm so tired of all the lies perpetuated by Hollywood.

What they did was violate the Church of Scientology's Copyrights, for commercial use. Private individuals can download for personal use. 1st Amendment, Freedom to practice your religion in your own home.

This game is over, you'll have to do it yourself, the OT Levels above OT 8 will never get released, because of the assholes in Hollywood, they value money not human life. They have no soul. Btw, I believe that movie bombed too lol. Oh well, it must suck to be you lol

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