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My Story by Kathy Gold

Not Everybody Wins

You all assume this is America, it's an automatic win, LMAO please, give me a fuckin break. I'm doing now what I did when I started my own company, only the variables have changed, cost of living is higher, my rent then was only $450.00, my insurance was less too as well as food and I had no credit card debts, no debt at all other than school. $8k. So nobody will hire me, I've stopped looking, it's a waste of my time, they are too fuckin stupid, I hit the top of the ceiling at $70k a year, after taxes it was $45k anyway LMAO. I spoke to sports chalet guy, they wanted to hire someone for $75k a year but in exchange, the goal was to make them $20 million in e-commerce sales for the year of 2013, yeah, ok. Find a stupid insecure bitch that will lick your ass, it's out exchange, too much responsiblity for no money, or slavery after taxes it's like $48k-$50k, gimme a break, I'm no fool. Cause when that goal won't be met, they'll hit the woman that was brought in to do it. Realistically it's not gonna happen, there is no groundwork laid out to make it happen, some top executives dream and they know it won't either, so they'll hit the guy that hired the girl, he knows that already, that's why he never moved LMAO. The top executives wanted to cover their ass, they spent $30 million on a building and now they aren't seeing the ROI, so it's easier to blame the IT department for their loss, their mistake. Same shit different day.

So I will either make it or not, I can't control other people, it took me two years to build up my business from nothing, it wasn't in a power condition, just affluence, I got taken out of the game before that happened, by these people. I wanted to hire people, have employees etc etc But they stopped that from happening when I reached out for help. They killed me, that day. The last thing on my list was to find my soulmate, now that I know who he is, where he is and why he's not here, I'm fine. It's my time to go.

I'm at the bottom and nobody is here to help me, sometimes people don't come back a 2nd time, that is life. And I hate web design and online marketing promotion. Sure, I'm good at it and I know it LMAO. I've figured it out LMAO

But in this field, the clients, employers haven't and refuse to and just treat you like shit and nobody wants to be a slave.I won't ever be a web designer ever again. I've learned my lesson, nope, I'll be on gov payroll, hacking away LMAO As an independent contractor, the client never lets you finish, sucks your time for months and dev-ts the hell out of you or developed traffic. They put their shit on you, their baggage and after awhile you go, wtf? They don't take responsiblity for their incompetence and want to hold you responsible, cause they assume you'll take it. They also refuse to be 8-ced and have to be in control, so you end up getting beaten up by them for their not know, they assume you are their punching bag because they are the client.

And nobody is gonna help me or bail me out. Jett would if he was here, but David Miscavige is not Jett, never was. This church for years has watched their own parishoners die, instead of giving their money back that was on account, they kept it and let the people die. This is who these people are. Shun them, ignore them, that is the greatest good. No PR means no controversy, no promo no marketing. They will implode on their own greed, their own shit, even Tom Cruise. The whole lot. They assume they have the tech, they are invinsible, yeah pieces of paper that one guy figured out LMAO.

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