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My Story by Kathy Gold

No Sex This Life or a 2D With Anyone

So, this life I got fucked. I trust no man or woman. Procreation for the human race is cut anyway. The human race will slowly die out. It's in the food, GMO's, including baby formulas, your children's children won't be able to conceive. The real truth, big farma lol.

Now, the basics of a 2D are Sex and Children. Not gonna have either lol So what's the point of a 2D, exactly. No 2D.

I'll be alone for the rest of my life. It's good news for me, I'm gonna now concentrate on making money.
So, I won't get rich or have lot's of mest, my dreams, I had dreams of wealth too, like everybody else.
Hopefully one day, I will buy my own home, with cash. Reality kids lol. Welcome to Planet Earth.

Did you know the American Dream is Dead?

I'm done. Nobody that I have met, family members other than my father by DNA, so called Scientologists like David Miscavige et al take any responsibility or accountability for their actions.They don't improve or change conditions. They don't get better. They just use you. And then these fuckin lawyers only give a fuck about money, not doing the right thing.

They have transgressions in present time of fucking other people over to justify their survival, how easy to spin them in lol Guess what, these lawyers aren't gonna make it either, to stupid to figure it the fuck out lol.

Anyhoo, so no 2d this life, I will die celibate, oh well. That's right I'm celibate, I haven't had sex in 9 years lol.

I only settle down in middle class heaven with one man and have his kids, Jett.

The rest are not him. No soul, no ethics, no morals, no responsibility or accountability for their actions.

While all of you get tied down to this rock with your memories of the 2D and your loss from OT3, it's in your soul, The rest of us, ethical, good, decent non criminals, we will move forward to target 3. Think of present time, the memories you made this life to keep you warm cause your gonna be lonely burning for 1 billion years.

Evil purposes have a price to pay, with your soul, not life. Forever lol Personally,
I don't mind, it's what feeds my fire lol I come uptone while you go down lol

In reality, nobody really cares about anyone, that is the truth.
They only value money, not human life or love She's right, we don't, find whores.

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