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My Story by Kathy Gold

No Regrets

I have no regrets about the decisions or the actions I have made this life. This life set the groundwork for my next life. I am the commodore's daughter and I will be his daughter again. Delivering his comm, his communication to all the men that make their bones with him.

Me and Jett will hook up on target 3. It's out game. It's our time to shine. He's my soulmate, he will never ever let me down. And he loves me because I'm not a whore, I'm honest, direct and overt in my communication. He loves everything about me and doesn't want me to change. How would he spot me lol and he will save my life as I will save his back. That's what people do when they love each other. They don't let the other person die.

When I was crossing the wall of fire, lol. There were 4 guys, mental image pictures I was looking at, but it was 3 feet in front of me lol. There was Jon Mackinder, David Miscavige, Danny Nuccio and Jett lol. Only the first three I could see. It looked like this but different. Then I heard a voice. He said, "Did you shake your hips" lol I knew that was Jett lol. Our psych ops days lol. And he laughed lol He brought me uptone. Then I laughed lol. Then I saw him lol. I was like you asshole lol Awesome memories, best game ever lol.

While this planet slowly dies, and your souls get fused and en-tombed into this rock lol I'll be laughing my ass off. Cause in the end, I won. Oh no, the out PR lol. Btw, you won't be able to handle all your evil purps, they will hit you all between the eyes. Pain, by your own not doing, your own self importance. And your own not caring. The prophecy or postulate of some of the psychs on the line, evaluating up a storm lol they're really happy I no longer care about mankind. That was their product. For me to be a selfish bitch, meaning not give a damn about anyone or anything, their computation, to justify their jobs. lol.

Idiots. they have no cause over their exteriorization and they never will. They've been trying to figure out the OT levels like forever and can't lol too fuckin stupid lol. They assume things will go back to normal or some shit like that. What they are forgetting is, this is past lives. The past. The universe never had to end. I found the guy who did it lol

He'll just say, I can't remember, he's committed so many overts in present time he's occluded. His case is occluded lol so therefore it doesn't exist. Implanter crew, they were too weak, they should have en-tombed his soul in a rock and saved everybody a whole lotta trouble lol. Life could have continued on.

I can't exist on just the 1st dynamic alone. It's not who I am. But I can't expand on any of my other dynamics, no resources, no funding.

The law doesn't discriminate, people do, for any reason.

I can only make due with what I have, the circumstances I've been given. I belong with people, like me, whose ethics are in. They too, would take themselves out of the game, if they walked in my shoes and experienced what I have. I never asked for this journey, this journey picked me.

This is where I get to say, goodbye to the past and look towards a real future, with real friends, real teammates, with real people who care. Not fake strangers.

What was in my heart, was the sea org, the fleet. I loved that whole thing. Nobody betrayed anybody. It was a code we all lived by.

Here, they reward people for betraying others. I don't get that concept. It's lost on me. I don't betray people, I never have. This is not a world I want to be apart of. See my story, my side.

People want to make me wrong, I wasn't fast enough, or smart enough or rich enough to get up a bridge lol Ha Ha, I won lol I crossed the wall of fire and now I've obtained my spiritual freedom, but you didn't lol

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