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My Story by Kathy Gold

Nikki Sixx and Scott O'Malley

In one life where my father in present time was also my father, I had 7 brothers and I was the youngest. My parents kept going until they had me. My father wanted a little girl. They were all in the country music business. I was slated for country music at a young age. I rebelled. I fell in love with Nikki when we were in our teens and I ran away with him. I was also pregnant and like 16 or 17. My mother Faith Hill, she was very very disappointed in me, she taught me better then that. My father was pissed ok.

So I split with Nikki in the dead of night. And left. We headed out into the city. We had nothing except our kid Pink. Nikki had his own band and I was solo Pop Rock. I opened for him and then visa versa. Our careers took off. We had a great solid marriage for a good 20 years or so.

Then the drama rama. Nikki cheated on me with Julilette Lewis. She came to me for songs, so I co-wrote songs for her. I didn't realize it but he was fucking her. I mean look at her ok, who the fuck would ever think in a gazillion years he would want that over me ok.

Anyhoo, we broke up. We got divorced. My parents, were like fuckin finally. The cheating is what did it. Before that, they were proud of us, cause we stood our ground, our love conquered all. But this, they were not happy.

So Nikki went off and had a 2d with Juliette Lewis. I started having a 2d with one of his band members. I didn't know he was in love with me. Then one day, he told me and we got together. Nikki didn't know. We kept it a secret.

Then Nikki found out one day, kinda like this scene and he freaked out when he found out it was me. Which is weird cause he was still with Juliette Lewis ok. Why should he care. He left me for her ok.

So then one day, he wanted to talk. He started breaking instruments all over the fuckin place. Then we ended up fucking ok. He wanted to get back together, start again, like John Lennon and Yoko ok

One problem, I was pregnant with James Michael's kid and Juliette was pregnant with Nikki's. Can you say drama rama. James meanwhile was going nuts and giving me ultimatums. So, I couldn't deal with it and went and got an abortion. Juliette on the other hand kept Nikki's kid. She wanted that comm line and child support and of course control. I couldn't deal with it. I said, I'm done and went back home for some peace and quite. Our daughter was all grown up, this was my 2nd chance at happiness.

So I went home to my loving family and my brothers. Well, Nikki and Juliette broke up and every time she didn't get what she wanted, she would go to the papers and bitch about him, natter up a storm. And that brought out all these other women, court and some tried to sue me ok. Some were made up bullshit and some weren't. And I got to see first hand how many women he fucked while he was married to me.

It broke my heart, I couldn't stop crying. My brothers were like is she still crying? This went on for weeks, they couldn't take it anymore, so they stopped by Nikki's place and grabbed him. They all took turns beating the shit out of him. This is for this, this is for this etc etc. After it was all over, they called the ambulance and walked. In the hospital he reached out for Juliette and she blew him off, I'm busy, asshole, btw where's my child support payment? He got it loud and clear. He called our daughter and she was like Dad I'm on tour ok. So he had to drive himself home from the hospital and he died, he got into a car accident.

Meanwhile I met a guy that worked for my father. We hit it off great, I ended up marrying him and having more kids with him. Like 3 or 4. My dad gave him land and our own home. I remained an artist, I wasn't touring but still writing, I was also a songwriter. He loved my brothers and fit well into our family. He had security and never had to fear the death of losing his job etc etc. My father loved him, he knew he would never hurt me nor cheat on me like Nikki.

I would still read James Michael's PR and listen to his songs. I had little kids and I didn't want any 2d drama rama from him to impinge on their lives nor my husband. My husband never criticized me or took me apart, or my art in any way shape or form, he just let me be who I was. He gave me that freedom. He never got jealous, he understood, this is who I was and it was my business, my line of work. He knew as an artist I had to have the freedom to always express my feelings. He also knew that it didn't mean that I didn't love him nor did he feel threatened, cause at the end of the day, after I was done expressing my feelings thru song, I fucked the hell out of him and he loved every minute of it. LMAO. That man in that life was Scott O'Malley.

Updated July 4, 2013

Did Scott cheat on me in this life? I don't know. I suspect he did. If he did, he covered it up really good. He knew my family would kill him and he couldn't kill me. Not even after my father passed away. My brothers, remember I had 7. If I met him again, in present time and looked into his eyes, then I could tell you. Sometimes 2nd chances don't work out the way you hoped. Not every life is a happy ending. He likes stability, where he doesn't have to work that hard. The fact that he assumed I could be something I'm not, that's his problem. Goodbye Scott. or Fuck off asshole. You can't hurt me ever again. Remember all negative case gain, the good memories were behind them but the only good memories that I got were Jett and me. Get it. Not these guys.

Updated December 26, 2013

Scott was just jealous of Nikki. He would often eval my lyrics and get pissed, don't think all of my songs were about James ok. Scott was jealous of a memory, Nikki's. He didn't care, still gave me shit, still was an asshole, but I had kids with him and had to handle it. Politically to keep the peace. I had little kids. He hated my 1st kid, and he cut the comm line as much as he could with her. Sabotage, he wouldn't tell me when she called, he threw the messages away, I found out after my 1st kid called, screaming at me. He tried to kill her off in that life, money she needed that never got to her. Ooops he made a mistake.

He handled the money. My money. So, I had to audit his record keeping and found deductions for misc. Hmmm hookers, paid for sex on my dime. Now, how do you handle that? You leave and get a divorce.

And of course the evidence for court and the attorneys. You get trash out of your life, you cut them out of your life even with kids. Sole custody. You put your children first and get all destructive assholes out of your life. Then go into the studio and pour your heart out and make more money, get more awards, more fans and another man. And live. And I did LMAO.

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